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  1. May be off topic but I found this guitar harmonics video on YT. Kind weird but starting to grow on me
  2. Thank you. Not even close to nailing it but you get the idea
  3. Awesome. So you could tell me what Jimmy used on the BBC sessions? Especially on, "the girl I love" That tone is sick. Tonebender?
  4. Thanks. But it is hard to do justice to such a beautiful song
  5. Recorded myself for the first time a little bit ago. Not sure how to feel about it. Going for the live tone. Similar to the Earls Court sound https://soundcloud.c...n/the-rain-song
  6. I'm somewhat a beginner, I'm just started to get over the, "plateau." I havn't been playing all that long, but this is the first time recording myself. I can't tell if its bad or not. It's too weird hearing something i played. Any thoughts? https://soundcloud.com/rooster-cogburrn/the-rain-song
  7. Hey guys, thought i'd throw in one I attempted. No where near nailed it. Just messing around with the Rain Song. The live tone, the mid 70s kinda feel https://soundcloud.c...n/the-rain-song
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