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  1. 6 & 12 string guitar. I've worked out versions of most of the zep tunes I play to accomodate whichever git I'm on and whether or not I'm playing electric or acoustic. Lately, I've been using The Ocean for warming up, and it just never seems to get old for me. It's a fun song to play, and just challenging enough to get a good warm-up. Favs: Achilles Last Stand TSRTS Stairway TSRTS No Quarter Good Times, Bad Times Nobody's Fault but Mine Ramble On OTHAFA HTWWW opening version Bon-yaur stomp (in standard tuning believe it or not) At any given time there's 5-10 zep songs i
  2. You'll get no argument here, although I would nominate most anything else from Presence as being runners-up.
  3. You hit the nail on the head with your last statement. ITTOD is a "fun" album for the most part. That why it seemed like such a departure to me (and most others). The music is less dark, less serious to me. It seems like they had a lot of fun in the studio making it and it comes through in the songs. Hot Dog was one of my favs, and Carouselambra captured so many different moods that it has always been my fav from that album.
  4. A lot of nonsense here, whether either guy moves you or not. There's a whole list of guitarists you can pit against each other here, but the one thing both James' have in common is creating a "sonic movement." Jimi's sound was the essence of chaos. He broke all the rules and created an entire movement of followers trying to capture the tortured energy he exuded. Few were successful (SRV and Frank Marino come to mind). Robin Trower was greatly influenced by Jimi's sound and was actually kicked in the pants for sounding like him (though his style was very different). Jimmy's sound is t
  5. The Who went too political? Quite the contrary, Townshend's lyrics were very much apolitical and more about human condition than anything else. The fact that the lyrics still stand the test of time (as does the music) speaks to the validity of the human struggle he has always tried to convey (a master storyteller). All 4 of the frontmen described here were important to the evolution of rock, and all 4 are very much typecast in their roles, with Robert being the most successful in trying new things to break his mold with his solo material. I find it difficult to compare any of them musi
  6. I don't disagree on any point in the original post. Today's music does not have the mystique of the 60s, 70s or early 80s. The artists aren't as interesting because the big stars of today are just tabloid featurettes and the rising stars are swimming in a much more diverse field of musicians and music. Anyone with a computer, a couple hundred dollars of software and some instruments can produce their own release these days. The supergroups seem to be a thing of the past (apart from those who still survive, of which, only fractions of the original members are still playing together).
  7. As usual, not everyone can be pleased by this, but it's unfortunate to see so much criticism of the release. I, for one, am very thankful to get the sound upgrade on the movie and the soundtrack. It was much needed and long overdue. I spent a good part of my teens watching this flick at midnight movies every month or so, but I listened to the soundtrack weekly (sometimes daily, since I was playing my guitar along with the soundtrack learning all the licks I could and enjoying myself trying to emulate Page). I basically know the original soundtrack release note for note as many of you d
  8. One of the best and most important albums in Zep's catalogue. The maturity of the composition and arrangement while still being grounded in blues roots shows just how fantastically these musicians evolved as individuals and as a single unit performing together. The song order is perfect, especially with TF1 as the closer. To me, Zep ended with Presence and were quite a different band with the new direction in ITTOD (much due to JPJ's songwriting influences). The new direction was great, but very, very different. If I could only pick a couple of albums to have on a desert island, Zep I
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