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  1. RjK

    page vs iommi!

    Can't compare the two they have 2 different styles. I think Jimmy has showed more variety in his playing over the years and Tony has stayed true to his Heavy Metal genre. Both are accomplished players but I like Jimmy's roundness as a player more than Tony's RjK
  2. Whats with all the multiple neck guitars in the top 10 ??? None are even cool except for Jimmie's EDS1275. RjK
  3. Yeah I think it would sell ................... ROFL RjK
  4. For me the 07 performance was the best simply because of Jason's performance. I know I'm gonna get ripped for saying this but he out played his father on this song/night. Nobody loves the band more than I do and nobody loves John Bonham more than I do but I think even John would of said the boy out played me !!! RjK
  5. I would love to get my hands on one of his sig Black Beauties with the Bigsby, this is and always has been my "Holy Grail" guitar !!! RjK
  6. I would like to get hold of a copy of the show can some one pm me on how I can get hold of a copy !!! Thanx in adv. RjK
  7. If Plant is free to say no to his fans then Zeppelin fans are free to demand a reunion tour if they so choose. We want it so we demand it, that does not mean he has to listen to his fans I mean c'mon Robert be the only one to say no it just shows to me your lack of respect you have for your past, are you that embarrassed to sing Stairway to Heaven again !!! I don't know why some people on these forums are afraid to have the band tour/record again, it really bothers me because I have no fear what so ever that Led Zeppelin will take over the world but the way some people talk on hear you can'
  8. I have a tear in my eye reading this thread I think we all wish we had come up with this idea and followed up on it. Make no mistake PageAngel your a special person and you deserve all the kudos sent you way and from the bottom of my heart thank you for showing Jimmy how much his fans adore him !!! Peace, RjK
  9. I know we all love Jimmy here but you can't compare the two simply because Jimi does not have a lifelong career to compare to. We will never know how he would of progressed if he had lived so I respectfully never try to compare the 2 Jimmies. RjK
  10. Seems to me half those single act concerts were free and the other half were festivals featuring multiple acts. I think if Zepplelin were to do one of those free concert deals they would easily top Rod and Garth in fact they would have to have it on the salt flats in Utah. I can't think of a bigger place at the moment that could hold all the people. RjK
  11. Concluding the interview Plant remained adamant that a world tour would not happen saying he wanted to concentrate on his project with Alison Kraus. No where do I see quotations around this statement which means that its the interviewers and not Plants statement. So I would not read too much into this interview it seems to have left some conversation out of the equation. For instance it seems to me that the "ZEPPLIN TOUR" subject was broached at least a couple of times and all Robert has said is that he wants to concentrate on his Alison Krauss tour for now. I completely resp
  12. If Robert decides not to give er a go I think a really cool replacement would be Lenny. I actually think he would be a good fit for Jonsey, Page and Jason although it could never be called Zeppelin I think it would a blast to see it !!!! Lenny is cool in my book!!! RjK
  13. Well put, I personally like Amy Winehouse a lot and I hope she gets her shit together so she can have a long career. I think she has just scratched the surface of what she is capable of but if she keeps going the way she has been she won't live too long. RjK
  14. I agree with everything you say here except Beyonce, I'd rather have Tine Turner in my bedroom and after she gives me a heart attack trying to keep up with her she could sing me to sleep for good and I'd die a very happy man !!!!! Peace, RjK ()_))______}~~~
  15. RjK

    Jimmy's Hair

    Every time I see this I think Prince owes Jimmy thankyou credit in Purple Rain ........... lol !!! RjK
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