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  1. A great fucking drummer in his own right !!! Chk out the Page/Plant UnLedded Live DVD he rocked !!! RjK
  2. Momma, Baby and Poppa our three cats. RjK
  3. Another great rock band ruined by drugs as well as a fucked in the head singer. Glad to see them reform somewhat and make good music again, I'm glad for em !!! RjK
  4. The other Jimi another god on guitar, love him not much more to be said if you like guitar you love the Jimmies, Page & Hendrix !!!! RjK
  5. Don't like Yoko Ono Luv Amy Winehouse though she needs to clean up and dump her dirtbag husband. RjK
  6. Well I have to respectfully disagree with ya Mr. Jones, there is a magic that happens when Jimmy, Robert and John get together with the idea of writing music. Jimmy is quoted as saying he has some good stuff he has worked on that would be a good fit for Zepplin to record and I would love to hear it after Robert and John's input/contribution !!! The only wildcard is Jason and how he will fit into the mix of things as the 3 have not really recorded with him as of yet, except Jimmy and that was brief as well as a long time ago. WonderfulOne and City Don't Cry would of been Monster Hits if they would of had JPJ's input and been released on an album as Official Led Zepplin material. I have nothing but faith in the boyz, they just need to "git er dun" RjK
  7. RjK

    Oh CANADA!

    In Canada Hockey is "The Beautiful Game" its all most a religion !!!! 20 games undefeated at the World Juniors and counting ........... 3 straight World Junior Championships and soon to be 4 Canada Rules the Sport, nuff said !!!! RjK
  8. I liked Kiss and the main reason I guess is because they are the total opposite of Led Zepplin musically speaking as well as being cool people, I don't understand people who don't like Gene Simmons I think he is hilarious and I don't think he really takes himself as serious as the people on here seem to. RjK
  9. Agreed the Band as they are today are a joke and should pack it in before they do any more damage to their legacy. RjK
  10. I have to say I agree for the most part with this except that if we are blessed with New Music from the boyz I think there will be a tour, length to be determined. RjK
  11. RjK

    Oh CANADA!

    Winnipeg here, now everyone sound off on how much you hate Toronto and the Leafs :P Other than Hockey Toronto bashing is our favorite passtime :hysterical: Regina = Inbred, Banjo pickin Canadian Hillbillies :hysterical: RjK
  12. I am a little late but I bought 2 copies of Mother Ship 1 for me and 1 as a Christmas present for my Brother !!!!! RjK
  13. The Rolling Stones WERE a great rock n roll band that can't get it up anymore ................ truly sad and something I hope never happens to The Zepplin !!!!!! RjK
  14. Sometimes what you don't hear says more than what you hear ??? Has an Official Band Member/Rep come out and publicly and said "No Tour Period" ??? In the past The Band has always been quick to publicly squash any Reunion/Tour Rumors the first chance they got and this has not happened yet there has been no comment from anyone close to the band. I would bet my life that they are at the very least in discussions with each other as to if, when , how and to what extent they are willing to work together again as Led Zepplin. Note that I did not say I think they are going to Tour only that I think they are discussing their options. After the Overwhelming Success of the O2 concert there is no doubt they are jazzed about the idea and thinking what if .......... So I remain positive and hopefull I will see my dream realized before I leave this planet. RjK
  15. Jimmy does like to make people think doesn't he ............. RjK
  16. Everyone hear is so damn lucky, the best I can say is that I saw Robert Plant on the Now & Zen tour. RjK
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