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  1. You have to see this: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/17/opinion/liverbirds-john-lennon.html?action=click&module=Opinion&pgtype=Homepage
  2. Heard a pretty good blues singer, ZZ Ward, at the Sausalito Art Festival over Labor Day. I would describe her as blues with a bit of hip hop. I thought she was new but it turns out she has made several albums already!
  3. Funny, I was also looking for single female Zep fans. I want a buddy who will go to concerts with me here in the Bay area! I left my rock n' roll buds back in New York! Surely there must be someone....actually you could be married, who cares. Just not a guy, because I don't want that nasty sex business to rear its ugly head. I am serious.
  4. I think the Cow Palace is still there but it seems to be being used for cow events...it is strange that there isn't more interest in rock music here...I've heard San Jose has a lot of local blues bands...there are two local venues here in Marin, Terrapin Crossroads which I believe is owned by Phil Lesh, and Sweetwaters. I haven't been to them yet. They don't have the same caliber artists as the Iridium or Irving Plaza in New York City.
  5. Just bought a ticket to Iron Maiden at the Oakland Oracle Arena for September. I almost bought a ticket to Metallica with the SF Symphony, but it cost more than $700... There aren't as many venues out here in the Bay area as compared to NYC...a lot of bands don't seem to come here
  6. I'm not a "chap," (how old are you?) but surely you might like Rival Sons, Wolfmother, the White Stripes, the Black Keys...Two of which are still around...
  7. I had to admit I was angry GVF won a Grammy when we all know Rival Sons should have won a Grammy for Great Western Valkyrie! We all know the Grammys are a farce... Going back to the GVF show I went to in 2017, they had a kick ass opening act called Goodbye June. I just found out Goodbye June is going to be the opening act for ZZ Top on a limited tour. I would definitely go to that if they were going to do any shows remotely near me, but they are not 😢
  8. I bought the cd via Amazon and it's pretty good--has variety, production seems good, Jay sounds good, his voice is still strong. I don't feel like I heard a signature song like "Pressure and Time," "Keep on Swinging" or "Open My Eyes" though. I was thinking of going to see them in San Francisco in May, but I've been to five of their shows, and at the last one the audience, now composed mostly of die hard fans, sings along and drowns out Jay. It's almost as bad as people humming the riff of "Luke's Wall" at a Black Sabbath concert. I think Scott is a good guitarist, but maybe the latest album isn't his best work. Songs like "Manifest Destiny" and "Destination on Course" show off his skills more.
  9. Couple of comments: First, how old are you? At 54 I'm not the same person I was at 44. At 44 I backpacked the Grand Canyon. Now I can walk a mile or two, and I avoid stairs. It's called growing older. As for Buddy Guy, I saw him perform in 2015 and in 2016 with Jeff Beck. It's time for him to retire. His act now is 50 percent guitar playing and 50 percent shtick. There are a few moments worth listening to and the rest of it is annoying.
  10. Thanks for the photos and all this info! I just recently returned to this site. I attended the Zep tribute event at Carnegie Hall in March 2018. It was a lot of fun. Some of the acts were better than others, but they all put on a good show. The highlight was definitely the Rock and Roll cover by Living Colour. I wish I could go this year but I moved to California.
  11. I moved to California!

    1. luvlz2


      All the way across the U.S? Hope it works good for you! Welcome back.

    2. ScarletMacaw
  12. Anyone listened to the new album in its entirety? Wondering how it compares to the previous albums. Was thinking of buying the cd...
  13. Hi there! I see a lot of the same people are still here...but many of my old friends are missing 😢hmm, wonder why...anyway, Greta Van Fleet--saw them live in 2017. Pretty good, lead singer has a great voice and good stage presence. In recent video on YouTube he seems to be screaming a lot though...the guitarist is getting better and better imo. I like the costumes, especially the Roger Daltrey look.
  14. Here's a "novel" idea: Put Zeppelin on the stereo and READ A FUCKING BOOK. why does Hollywood keep making the same movie over and over again?
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