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  1. ScarletMacaw

    Thor: Ragnarok trailer (w/ Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song)

    Here's a "novel" idea: Put Zeppelin on the stereo and READ A FUCKING BOOK. why does Hollywood keep making the same movie over and over again?
  2. ScarletMacaw

    Finding Led Zeppelin in unrelated places

    A couple of days ago Jensen Ackles and his wife had twins and they named one of them "Zeppelin." For those of you who don't know, Ackles plays the character "Dean Winchester" on the tv show "Supernatural." Dean Winchester is a huge Led Zeppelin fan; in one episode he sets a vinyl of the first album in his room in their hideout. He and his brother pretend to be detectives and FBI agents and borrow last names from rock stars; in one episode they were Page and Plant.
  3. ScarletMacaw

    Magic, Music, Religion and Psychotherapy

    Hi Andy! It could be low blood pressure or neurological. It could be due to an inner ear issue. Or it could be psychological. Unless it interferes with your life I wouldn't worry about it though.
  4. ScarletMacaw

    The 12 Greatest Rock Docs

    Westway to the World--the Clash
  5. ScarletMacaw

    Jimmy Page welcomes home a cultural icon (GQ)

    He appears to be color-coordinated with Flaming June and I doubt that's a coincidence. Might have been the photographer's idea. There is strictly no photography in Leighton House...unless you're a celebrity getting your photo taken I guess...
  6. ScarletMacaw

    The Occult and Zeppelin

    No way are Jay-Z or Beyonce members as the only type of worship they engage in is the worship of money. Johnny Cash was a devout Christian. George Lucas I don't know. Sting possibly; it might be up his alley.
  7. ScarletMacaw

    The Occult and Zeppelin

    So you know that he was invited to join the OTO...but you don't know that he didn't. It is after all a semi-secret society.
  8. ScarletMacaw

    Jimmy Page welcomes home a cultural icon (GQ)

    I just returned from London two days ago. I went to Leighton House on Monday, and they mentioned Flaming June coming back. I wasn't upset that I was missing it because in fact I have seen Flaming June on loan at a museum here in New York last year. It is a lovely painting. Leighton House is something special; you should definitely see it if you are in London. It is extraordinarily decorated with Middle Eastern decorations as well as Leighton's art. After I saw Leighton House I took a stroll down the road to Tower House. It doesn't look quite as big as I had thought it was, almost not like what you would think a rock star would live in (although I didn't go around the back). I would love to take a look inside as it is quite a unique building. I did not see anything else around the block that looked remotely similar. There is another large house next to it (what's his name's house?) but the rest of the neighborhood looks sort of upper middle class urban/suburban--some nice houses and some smallish apartment buildings.
  9. ScarletMacaw

    The Occult and Zeppelin

    How do you know this?
  10. I don't agree with this list at all. Although I like most of these solos, no way are they the best technically. I'm a crap guitarist but I can more or less play the "Paranoid" and STH solos from the albums. Compare "Paranoid" to "Warning." The STH solo doesn't compare to Heartbreaker in my opinion nor to the Dazed and Confused solos from the live performances. I think this is just a list of popular solos that have gotten a lot of radio play.
  11. ScarletMacaw

    The Three Lives of Jimmy Page

    1. Crowley and his followers have some interesting ideas, but Crowley was a troubled individual with drug problems. He was not a "sorcerer;" more like a wealthy person with a lot of time on his hands who used it to indulge his interests in Egyptian mythology, poetry and sex and devising a religious belief system that focused on his philosophical ideas. 2. Page may still follow Thelema, in which case he would not want to discuss it. If he ever believed in "sorcery" or "black magic" he would probably be embarrassed to discuss it, unless he still believes in these things in which case no way would he discuss them. 3. Who wants to look back at their darkest days? If Page (or Charlotte Martin) suffered serious mental or physical illnesses, they probably don't want to discuss them outside of a psychotherapist's office. Who wants to have those intimate/frightening or possibly embarrassing details picked over by millions of people and the media? Certainly not Jimmy Page who is a private person.
  12. ScarletMacaw

    Meeting forum members in the flesh

    It could happen! I'm friends with rosieT in real life even though she moved back to Florida last year. In fact we are traveling to London in October...I will let you know if we meet Jimmy! I've met Vicki, whose alias on here I've forgotten...she recovered from breast cancer not long ago by the way... Always amazed that there aren't more people here from NYC...
  13. ScarletMacaw


    Can someone explain to me why the media rags on Renee Zellweger for her cosmetic surgery and there's little mention of the horrors perpetrated on Axl's face? Whoever advised him to do whatever was done should be taken out and shot at dawn.
  14. ScarletMacaw

    RIP Muhammad Ali 1942-2016

    Hate to inform you that a lot of what you hear on the "news", particularly if it isn't "news" but the commentary that passes as "news" these days, isn't true.