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  1. Word is that the photo was already shared and on other sites. A photo of a celebrity is hardly private. Are you saying all the photos you share are not copywrited?
  2. Knebby Re you there? Shall I post what you posted in the SAJ rant thread at snobs? Better scramble now Queen Kneeby LOL
  3. Shall I continue? Shall I provide cooberation?
  4. Tell SAJ about all of the terrible things you said about him. How you and other would attack him at snoops. Tell everyone how you took down planet zeppelin because Bud and Gypsy pissed off Queen Knebby. you are a fraud
  5. Tell all your friends here about all the horrible things you have said about them, or shall I share all the posts with them from "the secret forum" I have many names here. WE ARE LEGION!
  6. You are a crazy woman. You seem to spend all of your time just seeking attention and then when you get it you use to manipulate all the dopey people around here who think you are someone special. I call BULLSHIT lady! You created this publicity stunt I'm sure. The pm I got said you have been lying to people for years and have everyone fooled. Bunch of morons
  7. This place is JUST FUCKED UP AND YOU PEOPLE ARE FULL OF SHIT!!!!!!! I was just defending Virgil Ann now this? This place is so full of drama and hate what is wrong with you people?
  8. At this point I actually regret creating this thread. It was at first just information and light hearted posts, but some of you people who claim to be so friendly, loving and open minded really are not very nice. You probably wouldn't make fun of muslims or handicapped people, but some of you have been rather vile to the catholic people here. I apologize for some of my jokes earlier, but I would like to distance myself from the vile remarks like comparing catholics to nazis. Really? Is that necessary? In another thread I tried to show group support for that Knebby lady who's family was
  9. I hope the lady and her family who were attacked are okay. Celebrity stalking is just getting so out of control. It's really crazy out there now.
  10. Jimmy is a gizmo guy, I'll bet he is a regular poster here. He may even be you for all I know. lulz
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