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  1. I wonder that myself. They played Philly in 1972 and 1975. In fact Plant is quoted as saying "it's been a long time Philadelphia" during Rock n'Roll during the Feb 1975 concert. And Plant ends the concert "Philadelphia, it's been too long". So it appears the band knew they haven't played there the last tour. I read Larry Magid from Electric Factory Concert promoter stated they were scheduled to return in summer/fall of 1975 but never did due to Plant's accident. And of course the last concert in 1977 was scheduled for Philly at JFK Stadium with over 100k tickets sold. Unfortunately that c
  2. I just watched the full length interview with the lovely Aussie dame. Not as good as the Charlie Rose or Anthony Mason interviews IMO, probably because it was just Plant one on one. But, I think he is serious regarding his comments re 2014; he is open to doing something with the Capricorns but it is up to them if they are "in". I don't watch, read or listen to every Plant interview, but I get the feeling from some of these comments he is a buffoon. I don't think so. I think he is being direct with that English light hearted humor in full display. Be positive peeps! I still say after the Kenned
  3. I think a reunion will happen and will be the last. New material? Yeah, probably. A full length album......maybe. A tour? Yes, probably 10 cities in Europe and maybe 20 in North America.....maybe 5 Australasia. After the adulation of the Kennedy Center Honors, Celebration Day DVD release and new box set on the horizon there is no doubt Zeppelin is still popular....very popular. I think reality has sunk in with Plant....there is no escaping the legacy....it is just too BIG! If it doesn't happen I'd be shocked, but I think it will happen.
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