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  1. On my way to the Greenville, SC showing! Probably the same stuff I've seen over and over...but who cares? It's Zeppelin on the big screen. I guess my question is why now? Why put this out now? I understand the O2 show, but why this and why now? This DVD was released 12 years ago.
  2. Right this moment I'm listening to "Dark Side of the Moon". But it's 8:30am on a rainy, Saturday morning, so it feels right. As for Zeppelin, I've been listening to "Presence" A LOT lately.
  3. I remember talking to a guy in a little music shop in Blacksburg, VA back in the late 80's. We were talking Zeppelin and he said the coolest Zep pic he'd ever seen was a pic of his uncle and two friends, just home from Vietnam, in Class A uniforms, with Zeppelin backstage. Apparently his uncle and two friends had just flown back home after finishing a tour in Vietnam. They got off the plane in Norfolk, VA and heard Zeppelin was in town that night. They hopped a cab over to the coliseum, still in uniform. The show had already started and they didn't have tickets, but after explaining their situation, a police officer let them in a back door. They ended up catching the remainder of the show and ended up backstage with Zeppelin at the end of the show, where they had a pic taken of themselves with the band, still wearing their uniforms. The guy said his uncle used to have the pic framed and sitting on his mantel. After doing some research, this would have had to have been either 1970 or 1971 at the Hampton, VA shows. Combat troops were still in Vietnam through 1972, so the two Hampton shows are the only ones that would match up. Definitely a long shot, but if that pic could ever be found it would be very cool to see.
  4. I read stories like yours George and really envy the opportunities you had. What a great experience!
  5. Great pics, great memorabilia, great story! Thanks George.
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