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  1. So many of the videos from this thread have been taken down by youtube or the users who uploaded them. I wish there was more footage of the Firm circulating out there.
  2. WOW Those are fantastic. This is a concert I would have loved to see too. Your friend took some really great shots, thank you for sharing them!
  3. These shots of Robert are lovely. Never seen them before, thank you for sharing!
  4. Do you have many pictures of Paul Rodgers from any of these shows or any time from the Firm? I know this is a Zep forum but since Paul and Jimmy are such good friends and Bad Company got the honor of sharing with them, the Swan Song label, I felt inclined to ask. lol.
  5. Definately tell them thank you for the music. And since it would be my moment, I'd love to get a hug from them. If I couldn't get a hug from all three of them, I'd be content enough with just a hug from Robert.
  6. I love the blend of Paul Rodgers and Jimmy Page. Two of the greatest masters at work together in the same band. Pure magic. I want to check into more boots of these shows.
  7. Fantastic photos. Wish I would have been born in time to see this show too. Thank you for the great photos.
  8. My name is radioactive and I'm glad to be here. Loved Led Zep for as long as I can remember. Look forward to meeting and chatting with you all. Cheers.
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