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    martial artz shotokan wingchun. Rock music. Led zep fan from in the womb..wish my dad was here to enjoy his fav band. Miss u lots
  1. cool robert plant and with alison krauss on jools holland show this eve. 10pm bbc2 uk
  2. forgot to come in here and say hello im kaitleen caira fron the.land where passion for all things good is sought and located. Scotland uk a led zeppelin fan. may your shadow never get strechmarks.
  3. who am i to say what folk want to hear or believe they here. Though hearin a spice girl song other day ,in my head i swore i heard " this is crap this is crap". Could of been the dj though.
  4. not ever seein them live or at the o2 concertg its only through vid clips off the tv, dvd footage etc ive " seen". To be there at a concert with that atmosphere etc would be a dream fulfilled. Albeit for my own selfish reasons. Whatever they decide i wish them all well.
  5. ive managed to download and watch some clips on mobile fone.ok its been aweek but some things are worth waitin for. Fantastic. Happy days are here again
  6. well what can i say. Finding out at last i can get to see all clips of concert posted due to a friend convertin them to see on my phone. Oh happy days. Goodbye expired pc. hello new one after xmas. Dancing days are here again
  7. icool post btw. Bein in my twilight years of mid twentys i still resort back to the bands my dad got me into. Zep dpurple rainbow etc. No matter how hard ive tried to " connect " with todays groups uk or other. Nothing stirs my soul, im sure u know what i mean. or fills me with passion and lifts a low mood as much as zep. May the dream live on.
  8. lucky your friend dosnt know who will follow zep at o2 arena .cant really type the "group" .but spice is in name..
  9. i must be the only zep fan on this site who has yet to see any concert footage as any links found are for pc. Someone must have something on a phone surely..
  10. i was in here last night on phone "no pc" felt damn lonely awaitin any news updates. Had chance to have a good look around sit,being a new member. Tis a great site.
  11. like above he is supose to be in 2 zep but like his ass, " he wudnt let it lie "
  12. these news reporters tut. Should report on atmosphere that was buildin. a Semi quaver to them comes in bag form next to salt n vinegar.. Glad all enjoyed show
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