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  1. I'm so disappointed in what I have been reading regarding Plant's attitude towards more Zeppelin concerts. I'm not going to type anything bad but I'm sure thinking it, and I doubt I'll buy anymore of his solos albums as a protest of sorts
  2. I've tried and tried to get into this album but it's just not my cup of tea - I can't find one song on it I really like. Weird because I like some of Alison's solo stuff and I like most of Plants solo stuff.
  3. where do I find the condensed version of your disertation?
  4. www.gprotab.net guitar pro is a way better program that powertabs
  5. It has been over 30 years since I have seen Zeppelin play live . . . Can't blame me for wishful thinking
  6. How silly would everybody who has tried to compare Alison to Yoko feel is Alison got Robert to play a Zep Set at Bonnaroo
  7. Picture Left to Right: Cheap Fender Acoustic, Takamine acoustic, Fender, Martin D18(on ground) Gibson Les Paul, Early 80's yamaha SBG1300ts(very cool guitar) Fender Lone Star Strat JCM800 And of course I love to play zepp songs; Blackdog, rover, and heartbreaker are my favorites to play
  8. The lighting makes it look like Mr. Page is playing a Honeyburst colored Gibson Les Paul but his Signature Les Paul is Sunburst. Anybody know which guitars he used? Was it the 59 sunburst and the lighting? I saw the new Gibson black beauty on one song
  9. JohnnyO

    Jason Interview

    I finally got a chance to watch the 02 via 3rd eye and I'm so happy for Jason Bonham - He played so, so well. (His performance on Rock and Roll was awesome!) It was touching to see the members of the band acknowledge how well he played
  10. JohnnyO

    Jason Interview

    sorry if it's already been posted but I thought it was a good read QUOTE (Rythm Magazine December 2007) SON OF THUNDER JASON BONHAM On the eve of the historic Led Zeppelin reunion gig, Jason Bonham tells Geoff Nicholls how it feels to fill in for a man who was both a legend and his dad. When Rythm magazine spoke to Jason bonham last year, he was touring with Foreigner, playing better than ever and well clear of his personal struggle with booze. Life as a drummer spent in the shadow of his universally worshipped father has sometimes been tough. But he's never resented his dad - on th
  11. I do not think that the majority of the individuals who post on this forum are a true representation of the average Led Zeppelin fan . . . Because if the paranoia and living on eggshell mentality exhibited almost every time somebody expresses a desire to see LZ Tour or expresses frustration that it's not happening it's a bunch of crap and not what zep or their music is about . . . take your superstitions and fear of jinxing it and shove it
  12. but I did just see some video of the show and I think they sounded really good - So good that the genie is out of the bottle and Imma be pissed if they don't tour next year.
  13. what crawled up your arse? USA is a great place to live and just because we have a terrible President doesn't make our country "Suck" Look at GW bush's approval ratings and that should tell you all you need to know
  14. I really wanted to see Zep live one more time. I refuse to buy anymore of Plant's music or see him live until he relents and gives the fans what they want
  15. if Jimmy Page wants it to happen then it's gonna happen and I'm going to buy a ticket to EVERY show they play in my hometown. Page looks every bit a rockstar in those photographs
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