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    The Place Of The Skull, West Virginié
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    making parodies
  1. Tor__Hershman

    ¶ The music of YOUR home ¶

    'Tis it just moi or do videos play shakily here @ Zep's?
  2. Tor__Hershman

    ¶ The music of YOUR home ¶

    First rule of advertising, that's why flowers have pretty colors, ya gots ta get noticed and paragraph makers are fine lookin' attention getters...much the same as your signature.
  3. Tor__Hershman

    Garfunkel & Oates

    They have many more @ YouTube.
  4. Tor__Hershman

    Garfunkel & Oates

    I dig both of these chicks and have a bonner from the lill' one.
  5. Tor__Hershman

    Comedy Songs

  6. Tor__Hershman

    Rolling Stones Thread

  7. Tor__Hershman


  8. Tor__Hershman

    John Lennon

  9. Tor__Hershman

    Bob Dylan

  10. Tor__Hershman

    Joe Bonamassa: An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House.

    If he ever became a porno-star he could use the name... ...wait for it..... ... Joe Massiveboner ?
  11. Tor__Hershman

    Monty Python team set for film reunion with Absolutely Anything

    I agree, Strider. I watched ALA and found it to be less than Python's best & unlike their other films, probably, will not watch it again. I suppose the problem was that it was a lie that it was a lie...methinks. HOWEVER MPTQFTHG ISSSSSSSSSSSS - IMO - the funnest film EVER made & some of the scenes from TMOL are the funniest bits...EVER. LOB to phuckin' cool. Alas, moi hast been "Blacklisted" by PythonOnline sooooo...no gig for Tor.
  12. Tor__Hershman

    ¶ Our Art ¶

    ReDrum, MOST LOL amusingly well done. It's like Fez The Fuzz (from "That 70's Show).
  13. Tor__Hershman

    ¶ The music of YOUR home ¶

    Is there a song about where you live/lived? New York City dwellers are a gimme. This song's story is 100% the antithesis of my west coast adventure. I ran back to Wheeling. BTW If you view my location - Wheeling comes from a Native American expression for Place Of The Skull...really.