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  1. ReDrum, MOST LOL amusingly well done. It's like Fez The Fuzz (from "That 70's Show).
  2. Oh yeah, Gale Sondergarrd. The makeup dept. gave her the 'ugly treatment' to be the wicked witch BUT...it didn't take.
  3. Barbie Steele, she's even, and evenly and odd and oddly, hot with witches' acne.
  4. YOU HAVE TWO SHEDS!!! YOU ARE TWO SHEDS!!! The weather here is cool and expecting more snow on Sunday. Wait a sec...where we are??? Hummmmmmm???
  5. That's wonderfully scarry, Reswati. TypeO, you're about a quadrillion years beyond moi's photo-morphin' ability. I use PhotoImpact 4.2 and that's all. However, I do make an amusing statement, IMO, from time to time, e.g.,
  6. Zep Head, I usually find “Pathway” artworks to be completely trite BUT yours is wonderfully compelling and the “Duck” photo is surreally splendiferous. Skorzeny, If that waterfalls is REAL...I know where I’d be shooting the next LOTR film.
  7. Wow, Type O, that is one super sleek vehicle. I bet Jay Leno would pay to have them joined. Ozzy Claus and Kiss Canine are both quite amusing. Thanks for the heads-up on Worth1000; I may give it go, myself. You're a mighty fine artist. Reswati, that's quite an endorsement for weird music & incense, it's a most compellingly well appointed artwork. You're a mighty fine artist, as well. & now...me Golden Owl..... Oh, if anyone would care to download, print and display me wee works, please do so BUT, if anyone should ask (You may also win the lottery and get hit by lightning @ the same time), ya gots to say they're me works.
  8. Here's a place for each of us to post our own art works, blogs, YouTube, etc. Express yourselves. Here's one of mine entitled "Everybody's Andy Warhol For 15 Minutes"
  9. "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves
  10. A YouTube with many a fine female form...
  11. A friend had a nightmare, which I heard about, and have not yet had a chance to, hopefully, explain "It" to them.
  12. Well, you put about a 1/3 cup of Splenda in a bowl, two teaspoons of cinnamon, one teaspoon of ginger, one shake of cloves, one shake of mace. Then add one or two teaspoons of skim-milk and mix it into a paste. Then add a cup of skim-milk, stir, and two cups of Cheerio's. YUM & good for ya.
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