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  1. First rule of advertising, that's why flowers have pretty colors, ya gots ta get noticed and paragraph makers are fine lookin' attention getters...much the same as your signature.
  2. I dig both of these chicks and have a bonner from the lill' one.
  3. If he ever became a porno-star he could use the name... ...wait for it..... ... Joe Massiveboner ?
  4. I agree, Strider. I watched ALA and found it to be less than Python's best & unlike their other films, probably, will not watch it again. I suppose the problem was that it was a lie that it was a lie...methinks. HOWEVER MPTQFTHG ISSSSSSSSSSSS - IMO - the funnest film EVER made & some of the scenes from TMOL are the funniest bits...EVER. LOB to phuckin' cool. Alas, moi hast been "Blacklisted" by PythonOnline sooooo...no gig for Tor.
  5. ReDrum, MOST LOL amusingly well done. It's like Fez The Fuzz (from "That 70's Show).
  6. Is there a song about where you live/lived? New York City dwellers are a gimme. This song's story is 100% the antithesis of my west coast adventure. I ran back to Wheeling. BTW If you view my location - Wheeling comes from a Native American expression for Place Of The Skull...really.
  7. The original & me parody - they'd do anything in Ohio, and right where me be - too, to take the heat off the Steubenville Rape story.
  8. Oh yeah, Gale Sondergarrd. The makeup dept. gave her the 'ugly treatment' to be the wicked witch BUT...it didn't take.
  9. Barbie Steele, she's even, and evenly and odd and oddly, hot with witches' acne.
  10. YOU HAVE TWO SHEDS!!! YOU ARE TWO SHEDS!!! The weather here is cool and expecting more snow on Sunday. Wait a sec...where we are??? Hummmmmmm???
  11. From the Netherlands... Da Juice
  12. That's wonderfully scarry, Reswati. TypeO, you're about a quadrillion years beyond moi's photo-morphin' ability. I use PhotoImpact 4.2 and that's all. However, I do make an amusing statement, IMO, from time to time, e.g.,
  13. Yes, I just made a parody sleeve concerning "Meet The New Pope." If you want you may see the original album that was parodied, "Meet The New Boss" and vote on me we parody @ Am I Right. BTW If you like parodies and never visited Am I Right here's your chance. http://www.amiright.com/photoshops/n/natassja-noctis-meet-the-new-boss-1363868622.shtml
  14. Zep Head, I usually find “Pathway” artworks to be completely trite BUT yours is wonderfully compelling and the “Duck” photo is surreally splendiferous. Skorzeny, If that waterfalls is REAL...I know where I’d be shooting the next LOTR film.
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