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  1. Truly deserved! Glad you posted! Blimey, we've all been through such a f*****g month! Hasn't it been fantastic! Minx xx
  2. It's a DVD - 'The House that Ahmet Built' a documentary on Ahmet and Atlantic records. Almost two hours long...
  3. Yep, I was up there for The Stones in the summer and it was like being at a garden party (in terms of sound and tunes compared to Zep!). Hence, when I entered the ballot I wanted to be standing, and a quarter of the way back from the stage the sound was great! The cavernous o2 is to blame I think...
  4. Of course he wasn't synching... I was there and it was a lag in the video processor, you're right. I had the most amazing night... There were tears all round by the end and I nearly completely lost it during Kashmir. I have to say, I was SO exhausted when I left... Emotionally and physically drained but spiritually uplifted. One bar at the o2 was playing Zep LOUD before the gig... People were chatting, dancing, drinking, high fiving each other, just beaming. Haven't come down to earth yet... Can't write anymore - I'm filling up with tears. Again. Awesome. Minx xx
  5. Well, our countdown begins! Off to London now from Bristol. Have A FANTASTIC TIME!
  6. the Thames Clipper (Boat) runs until around 4am I believe (did for The Stones and this is also mentioned on Harvey's blog site) which is particularly useful cos some of the bars/restaurants at the o2 are open till 2am +. Haven't got the link however... I'll look it up now. Minx x
  7. Setting off at midday tomorrow... Can't wait! So excited! Listenng to Zep now and just imagining the gig. I think I'll just burst into tears. Bless me! See you all there and here's to an awesome, inspiring and hell of a monster gig. Hope no-one has heart failure! Including the band... Minx xx
  8. http://www.rollingstone.com/news/story/175...ne_it_its_there Sorry it's such a long link... Hope it works! Fabulous, isn't it? Minx xx
  9. Hey Juliet, I'm UK based but came upon your message. I will take it personally upon me to blow them kisses from you! Minx xx
  10. Husband speaks again: 'Hurrah! Totally agree!'
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