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  1. Happy birthday wishes to Robert! Keep us rockin' for many more years!
  2. Aint that the truth! Makes it even more difficult to eat healthy if you don't have a ton of money to spend at the health food store. I have been cutting down my sugar intake for over a month now. I don't drink soda at all, so that was the easy part. At my office, people bring in cakes, cookies, etc. all of the time and I have been able to stop eating these items also.The hard part has been reading all of the labels and scrutinizing everything when I go out to eat at a restaurant. I have decided that once in a while, I am going to have something sugary that I really enjoy. For instance, the other day I got a cookie dough blizzard. I think all of this processed crap full of fillers and sedentary lifestyles (culture of convenience and immediate gratification) are what is making us a very unhealthy place to be. I swear if I see one more large person riding around on a motorized scooter in Wal-Mart who can actually walk and has no disability other than being huge, I am going to go postal!
  3. Okay-I know this is not a picture but one of the forum members showed it to me. It's a cover band from British Columbia. The lead singer makes a pretty convincing Robert, but doesn't sound like him. I know if I was single, I might be tracking him down...
  4. Wow-that guy is impressive; he has the moves, attitude and look down for sure (pretty damn easy on the eyes too)! His voice is nothing like Robert's though (sadly). To be honest with you, the only singer I have heard that can sing Led Zeppelin songs and sound as close to Robert as you can get is Jack Russell from the 80's band Great White. I might get slammed for saying that but if you don't believe me, watch for yourself:
  5. It's okay, gobrien, you didn't know; you were just sharing something you thought us fans might enjoy. I have never seen that documentary before, so I'll have to check it out!
  6. Yes-it is not pleasing to the ears (or eyes) for sure! The show is called Yo Soy. It comes from Peru and is a singing and impersonation competition show. According to the net, there is a show in England that is similar.
  7. I thought this was too hilarious not to share. This guy is not very good and obviously he is facing language barriers, but kudos to him for showing some Zeppelin love! This must be a show similar to "America Idol." For added fun, go to youtube and watch Spanish Robert and Spanish Axl Rose go head to head! Sorry-for some reason, I could not get the forum to post the video to this:
  8. Honeydrip79


    Thank you. I feel privileged to have been able to listen to my grandpa's stories growing up. He passed away in 2009. On a lighter note, my favorite story was one he told me about one of the guys he was in basic with (I think). Apparently, the guy had to be first in the showers and would jump in his shoes and slide across the floor. My grandpa and some of the guys nailed his shoes to the floor (or glued; I can't remember) so next time he tried it, he fell flat on his face! However, he got back up and ran to the shower. Unbeknownst to him, I think my grandpa and the guys did something to the shower so it wouldn't work and ended up screwing it up for the rest of them. I think they thought it was worth it though, because they got a good laugh! My grandpa had KP a lot for speaking his mind, but that is also where he learned to cook, and he was excellent at it!
  9. Honeydrip79


    My grandfather was in WWII (drafted). He fought at the Battle of the Bulge, so he was lucky to have made it out alive. He used to tell war stories to me, but they were always interesting or funny things, never exposing the brutality that must have been going on around him daily. My grandfather talked about how crazy the Nazi's were. He said they once captured a Nazi soldier, had him in handcuffs and people watching him with guns and he still ended up escaping and killing some people! One time, he told me about freeing these Russian guys from a concentration camp. He said they were big guys, but completely emaciated. One guy could cut hair, so they took him and another guy along with them (I think maybe he could cook or something). One of the guys would get very violent whenever he encountered Nazi's; he would tell my grandfather and they guys to let him at the Nazi's, he would kill them. Another time, some lady begged my grandfather to put her son in his suitcase and smuggle him to the US for a better life. My grandfather brought back a lot of items with him when he came back, one being a full sized Nazi flag my grandma still has folded up somewhere. I cannot imagine what it was like for my grandpa and the many other men who fought trying to live a normal life after being exposed to the horrific atrocities they witnessed. War is very psychologically damaging.
  10. <----click on this one for a surprise!
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