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  1. Aint that the truth! Makes it even more difficult to eat healthy if you don't have a ton of money to spend at the health food store. I have been cutting down my sugar intake for over a month now. I don't drink soda at all, so that was the easy part. At my office, people bring in cakes, cookies, etc. all of the time and I have been able to stop eating these items also.The hard part has been reading all of the labels and scrutinizing everything when I go out to eat at a restaurant. I have decided that once in a while, I am going to have something sugary that I really enjoy. For instance, the other day I got a cookie dough blizzard. I think all of this processed crap full of fillers and sedentary lifestyles (culture of convenience and immediate gratification) are what is making us a very unhealthy place to be. I swear if I see one more large person riding around on a motorized scooter in Wal-Mart who can actually walk and has no disability other than being huge, I am going to go postal!
  2. Okay-I know this is not a picture but one of the forum members showed it to me. It's a cover band from British Columbia. The lead singer makes a pretty convincing Robert, but doesn't sound like him. I know if I was single, I might be tracking him down...
  3. <----click on this one for a surprise!
  4. If it said "social workers do it better!" on it I would be a lot happier ((social worker bias))...
  5. I am glad I'm not the only one then! Maybe it has something to do with the pictures being older?
  6. It was an accident. I edited the post and removed it as soon as I noticed it!
  7. Also I have to ask-Robert's eyes are supposedly blue, but in most pictures, they appear to be brown or hazel. Anyone else notice this, or am I just insane???
  8. Glad you ladies liked the pic of Robert with his parents; yes, his dad looks like a very fun person. A lot of my pics I get from Facebook: Led Zeppelin Nation, Led Zeppelin Out On the Tiles, Led Zeppelin Forever and Led Zeppelin: Achilles Last Stand, so I give them most of the credit! Here are some others to feast your eyes on.... <----well HELLOOOOO THERE! <----VERY lucky lady, but not sure who she is? <-----((swoon)) <-----on the set of TSRTS (they speculate)?? <----this was supposedly Robert's passport photo in 1975 <----St. Louis, 1973
  9. How cute is this? Robert and his mum and dad! Another plus: Mr. Plant is looking mighty fine with his sideways smile...
  10. I have always loved that picture of Robert in the car. His eyes look so mesmerizing...
  11. There have been a lot of negative and hateful comments made on this board lately. Not sure why, but it is destroying the fun and open atmosphere. Live and let live!
  12. That's what I thought as well. A lot of people I have met assume that Robert is an egomaniacal, self serving, ditz because he was a lead singer in a famous band. In actuality, he is the exact opposite of that.
  13. Thanks for sharing; I really enjoyed this! Robert is a hoot talking about "lead singer syndrome" and Axl Rose needing a perm!
  14. That is absolutely adorable and I never knew it existed! Thank you for sharing, Reswati!
  15. How about this one, ladies?
  16. Is the second gif off of the Immigrant Song performance on the 2003 Led Zeppelin DVD? Robert looks so damn hot in that clip!
  17. Cool ad! The guy in it was cute too, as an added bonus . Thanks for sharing!
  18. What a very in-depth analysis ZepRex; you could turn that in to a college thesis and major in Robert Plantology!
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