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  1. The Attorney probably took the case on continued. Only to be paid if they won...
  2. No, I didn't piss with Robert, but I did spend some time with the lads, backstage after a gig at the L.A. Forum. Jimmy was cool. We talked briefly of guitars, etc.
  3. I just re-watched it again. I'm a huge Page-Zep fan, and I'm glad they did it. But I was disappointed in Jimmy's playing. He made no attempt to pull off those blistering solo's from the past. It's quite alright if he no longer has the chops he once had. Hell, it's been a few years. And it sounds as if he just stomped on the O/D pedal and left it cranked up all night. His playing just sounded so flat and mundane, when compared to his playing from the earlier days. Oh well...
  4. We all know that he used Herco 75's for the longest time. But it appears that in the last 15 years or so, he's gone to a bigger, thicker pick. Anyone know which one it is? It looks like it could be a full sized Pickboy Horn pick??? Thanks
  5. Jimmy responded to accusations in a California courthouse yesterday (2-26-2016).
  6. I noticed that on the No Quarter and Celebration Day DVD, that Jimmy is no longer using the Herco-Flex 75's. Does anyone know what he is using now? His new choice of pick appears to be much heavier and bigger. Thanks Kiron Kid
  7. Maybe this is the wrong forum. If so, I apologize. I noticed on the Celebration DVD and the older "No Quarter" DVD, that Jimmy is no longer playing with his customary "Herco 75" guitar pick. Does anyone know what he is using now? It appears to be much stiffer and bigger. Thanks Kiron Kid
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