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  1. Stairway to Heaven, man I got sooo stoked when I heard it live again. I never thought I would be alive to see my ALL time favorite song live again. I also liked Kashmir, but I would have to say that I actually liked the version of Page and Plant in the No Quarter tour better- that was awesome.
  2. Jason, I felt your father was there and saying "Son, you made me proud."
  3. I was totally amaized at the Whole concert; but if I had to pick just one moment it had to be the first note of Stair Way to Heaven. I went totally nuts to hear Stairway live again.
  4. I felt as if Bonzo was there and telling his son how proud he was. Jason in my mind was Bonzo for the night.
  5. I believe AEG owns the stadium, and if the security is like the security they have here at the Home Depot Center (our Football stadium) in Los Angeles they do not let to much get past them. I had an extra ticket to a football match that I got for free, and I gave it some one for free in line and got accused of scalping and just about didn't let me a season ticket holder go to the match.
  6. I wish I could take my Cannon Xi with 300mm lense, but I am going to bring a Fuji Digital. I talked to a lady a Ticketmasters this morning and she said NO camera or even phones with a camera, but she also said they will probally be to busy to check every one that throughly. I am planning on a sacrfice camera (a cheap one from 99 cent Store) let them see that one to find and have my Fuji one down my pants. The part that scares me is the part about being escorted out for taking pictures.
  7. Rodney- Orange County Continental via Houston to Gatwick on Friday arriving Gatwick Saturday 10:00 a.m. Leaving London on Thursday Staying at Holiday Inn Gatwick Anybody else a football fan? I got a ticket for Chelesa on Tuesday and looking for more games. Hit me up if any body else wants to see game(s).
  8. I've been able to get right through to a rep of Ticketmaster in London at about 8:00 p.m. PST @ 011 44 161 385 3211. After the other concerts are listed- Hit the "O" key once or twice. Maybe they will let you buy a ticket in your name with your card?
  9. All I know is that I am going to go nuts when I hear the first note of Stairway to Heaven. Kashmier is my second favorite Zep song, but it will be hard to beat the version when Page and Plante had the Egytian percussion group playing a few years ago.
  10. That would be a great game to see, but I have to go back to work I need to start saving up for China to see Olypmic Football.
  11. Awesome!! How can we hook up? Email me at rodneyd44@yahoo.com Thank you!!
  12. I am coming to London first to see Zep. But, I am a huge football fan (soccer in the States) and I really want to see some football. I all ready have a ticket to see Chelsea v. Valencia on 11 December; anybody know of any other football games in London?
  13. I am from Orange County, CA near Disneyland and Knotts; and can't wait!!
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