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  1. david gilmour and nick mason know about zeppelin and know them personally roger waters i think no rick wright r.i.p was far away just as jpj was far away
  2. he was lacking improvisation by then when he was 16 i think ritchie meant that ritchie is one of my most favourite players all the time and i love deep purple and rainbow like zeppelin thanks for this
  3. I am saddened to see people in the 21st century are thinking this way like the prohibition era....the exact set of mind like then i am saddened to see jimmy is kicked out of the building like a dog or a second class citizen over a smoke while 20 years ago he could smoke any time i am saddened to notice that people when they see a ciggarette are running from it,otherwise they will catch cancer in ten seconds i am saddened to see a prohibition enforced like the alchohol prohibition era that may return again today smoke tomorrow drinking and the same recorded words are thrown in yo
  4. i think it had a rock arrangement not a folk one like joan baez am i wrong it had power chords it wasn't all finger style folk picking right
  5. really it was a good collaboration the golden years i wish that i was adult then it was full of love and friendship thank coda
  6. woooooooooooooooooooooow greatings to japan i love these pictures they are full of intensive emotion and love............... thanks coda
  7. but in their first and second album there was a lot of gloom and doom out there i think their light and shade began with sabotage 1975 from this album they began to be really different from their glooooomy pattern of their 1970 album black sabbath therefore technical ecstacy and never say die weren't understood at its time ronnie james dio and the other eras were something different by then i am a sabbath head myself that why i maybe like heavy metal that much but ironically black sabbath also didn't call themselves metal i think perior to ronnie james dio it was the press th
  8. mainstream more than that gooooooood they were giants at their time and no more mainstream needed they left it to the mighty disco and beegees
  9. god i said NOT all of their songs are metal of course since they had songs like the rain song and gallows pole and in my time of dying and their last album except in the evening maybe i said that really in my first reply but can you just ignore songs like communication breakdown or achilles last stand or baby i m gonna leave you being metal? or to say at least hard rock don't tell me that they are just art rock band or a trad blues band that would be totally unfair i don't think so............... if some people don't like this name or slogan heavy metal this needs another topic
  10. right read the part that i put now of an interview in 1977 and it will be clearer it is a part of a biggest fascination in albion and celtic stuff and spiritual issues in common as jimmy said that there was a spiritual awake in the 70s all over the world and i think this was a response to the non religious /non spiritual thinking of the 50s-60s..it was all about science ... only science it was like a religion by then read this also: You live in Aleister Crowley's home. Crowley was a poet and magician at the turn of the century and was notorious for his Black Magic rites-E
  11. I understand that a changed Robert Plant who has taken to reading Nietzsche on plane journeys has emerged since the accident. I know that you were ill for about nine months prior to joining the Yardbirds and I've heard you're supposed to have spent much of that time reading. Was that when your interest in the occult began? (Fifteen second pause) "My interest in the occult started when I was about fifteen." Do you agree that whereas Western society tends to see occult matters as a very dark - a very black - thing it is, in fact, a very light and enlightening thing?" "Well, there
  12. JUMP GO AHEAD JUMP i just love this band
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