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  1. he was lacking improvisation by then when he was 16 i think ritchie meant that ritchie is one of my most favourite players all the time and i love deep purple and rainbow like zeppelin thanks for this
  2. I am saddened to see people in the 21st century are thinking this way like the prohibition era....the exact set of mind like then i am saddened to see jimmy is kicked out of the building like a dog or a second class citizen over a smoke while 20 years ago he could smoke any time i am saddened to notice that people when they see a ciggarette are running from it,otherwise they will catch cancer in ten seconds i am saddened to see a prohibition enforced like the alchohol prohibition era that may return again today smoke tomorrow drinking and the same recorded words are thrown in your face like shit shs causes cancer it is bad for you it causes wrinkles asthma mental retardation penial dysfuntion etc....... three quarters of the british people die from smoke they don't die from other causes i am saddened to see people are longtivity and long age maniacs in this miserable world i am saddened to see am man like jimmy smoked and reached 65 in a good health is treated like a guilty man for a smoke if this happened 30 years ago.... people then were free...not a crowd of sheeps mind stuffed against smoke and personal freedoms in common IN MY OPINION IF THEY WANT TO PROTECT PEOPLE FROM SMOKE THEY LL BETTER SHUT TOBACCO FIRMS but if they shut it ash the nazi organization will loose its fund from people's money and from tax payers money and big pharma won't sell their shit patches,gums etc....... and these gums causes cancer also but they ignore it to make profit so man chill out and live and let live its a shame in a country which is so called free to imopse big fines over smoke and have a secret black shirt police to enforce it andy a police to enforce it because it is an unwanted ban remember Mc donalds can cause obisity alchohol causes cancer and addiction mobiles causes brain cancer cars causes accidents and the people of the fifth nazi riech must live for ever and to be stronger than superman himself ufffffffffffffff how to live 100 years in this misrable world WHYYYYYYYY smoke jimmy and enjoy your life BTW they hit smokers in the streets of california sometimes...is this Civilisation the most thing i hate when people make from themselves preachers and start preachin the new religion healthism where health is new god and cigarrettes are the 666 beast
  3. really it was a good collaboration the golden years i wish that i was adult then it was full of love and friendship thank coda
  4. woooooooooooooooooooooow greatings to japan i love these pictures they are full of intensive emotion and love............... thanks coda
  5. JUMP GO AHEAD JUMP i just love this band
  6. thay are just a great band in their own right imagine a rock without led zeppelin or pink floyd there won't be dream theater because dream theater is led zeppelin heaviness+pink floyd experimental ideas=dream theater and progressive metal band just imagine a world without pink floyd deep purple led zeppelin black sabbath trapeze scorpions ACDC thin lizzy together in the era from 1969 till the 80s it would be a different world by then so pink floyd are just creative as zeppelin but in another direction and don't forget that jimmy page was a syd barret fan peace
  7. never mind pal glad to meet deep purple/glenn hughes fans here back to our topic can you find to me a proper explenation to what chris squire have siad about pagey
  8. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don't make me angry and upset wow i wish that i could see glenn live soon and robert too both are amazing anyway thanks
  9. he sung the seventh star album in 1986 and a tour that was ended for glenn abrubtly in 1987 and the unknown by then ray gillen has completed it as for tommy bolin he and karen were in a relationship that ended soon before tommy's death in 1976 and then by 1977 glenn married her and the marriage has completed till 1984 then karen and glenn got divorced. sorry i am totally out off zeppelin here and out off topic but i am a huge purple fan and a huge glenn hughes fan and a huge black sabbath fan and totally into these three bands and into these people and totally into their history but zeppelin just has a special place in my heart thanks
  10. I am not sure that i understood what chris have said any explenation please thanks
  11. both are good i like both but led zeppelin are more diverse truth to be told
  12. in a way that makes plant angry this time like what happened in 93
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