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  1. david gilmour and nick mason know about zeppelin and know them personally roger waters i think no rick wright r.i.p was far away just as jpj was far away
  2. he was lacking improvisation by then when he was 16 i think ritchie meant that ritchie is one of my most favourite players all the time and i love deep purple and rainbow like zeppelin thanks for this
  3. I am saddened to see people in the 21st century are thinking this way like the prohibition era....the exact set of mind like then i am saddened to see jimmy is kicked out of the building like a dog or a second class citizen over a smoke while 20 years ago he could smoke any time i am saddened to notice that people when they see a ciggarette are running from it,otherwise they will catch cancer in ten seconds i am saddened to see a prohibition enforced like the alchohol prohibition era that may return again today smoke tomorrow drinking and the same recorded words are thrown in your face like shit shs causes cancer it is bad for you it causes wrinkles asthma mental retardation penial dysfuntion etc....... three quarters of the british people die from smoke they don't die from other causes i am saddened to see people are longtivity and long age maniacs in this miserable world i am saddened to see am man like jimmy smoked and reached 65 in a good health is treated like a guilty man for a smoke if this happened 30 years ago.... people then were free...not a crowd of sheeps mind stuffed against smoke and personal freedoms in common IN MY OPINION IF THEY WANT TO PROTECT PEOPLE FROM SMOKE THEY LL BETTER SHUT TOBACCO FIRMS but if they shut it ash the nazi organization will loose its fund from people's money and from tax payers money and big pharma won't sell their shit patches,gums etc....... and these gums causes cancer also but they ignore it to make profit so man chill out and live and let live its a shame in a country which is so called free to imopse big fines over smoke and have a secret black shirt police to enforce it andy a police to enforce it because it is an unwanted ban remember Mc donalds can cause obisity alchohol causes cancer and addiction mobiles causes brain cancer cars causes accidents and the people of the fifth nazi riech must live for ever and to be stronger than superman himself ufffffffffffffff how to live 100 years in this misrable world WHYYYYYYYY smoke jimmy and enjoy your life BTW they hit smokers in the streets of california sometimes...is this Civilisation the most thing i hate when people make from themselves preachers and start preachin the new religion healthism where health is new god and cigarrettes are the 666 beast
  4. i think it had a rock arrangement not a folk one like joan baez am i wrong it had power chords it wasn't all finger style folk picking right
  5. really it was a good collaboration the golden years i wish that i was adult then it was full of love and friendship thank coda
  6. woooooooooooooooooooooow greatings to japan i love these pictures they are full of intensive emotion and love............... thanks coda
  7. but in their first and second album there was a lot of gloom and doom out there i think their light and shade began with sabotage 1975 from this album they began to be really different from their glooooomy pattern of their 1970 album black sabbath therefore technical ecstacy and never say die weren't understood at its time ronnie james dio and the other eras were something different by then i am a sabbath head myself that why i maybe like heavy metal that much but ironically black sabbath also didn't call themselves metal i think perior to ronnie james dio it was the press that called led zeppelin had called sabbath that name also i don't want to be out of topic and to turn this into a balck sabbath forum but i like any disscussion related to music in general and to zeppelin especailly thanks
  8. mainstream more than that gooooooood they were giants at their time and no more mainstream needed they left it to the mighty disco and beegees
  9. god i said NOT all of their songs are metal of course since they had songs like the rain song and gallows pole and in my time of dying and their last album except in the evening maybe i said that really in my first reply but can you just ignore songs like communication breakdown or achilles last stand or baby i m gonna leave you being metal? or to say at least hard rock don't tell me that they are just art rock band or a trad blues band that would be totally unfair i don't think so............... if some people don't like this name or slogan heavy metal this needs another topic named do you like the name metal or not and other thing to say zep left being a total metal band that follows one pattern to black sabbath and they had more musical freedom i hope that you have understood my point knebby thank you
  10. right read the part that i put now of an interview in 1977 and it will be clearer it is a part of a biggest fascination in albion and celtic stuff and spiritual issues in common as jimmy said that there was a spiritual awake in the 70s all over the world and i think this was a response to the non religious /non spiritual thinking of the 50s-60s..it was all about science ... only science it was like a religion by then read this also: You live in Aleister Crowley's home. Crowley was a poet and magician at the turn of the century and was notorious for his Black Magic rites-Ed.l PAGE: Yes, it was owned by Aleister Crowley. But there were two or three owners before Crowley moved into it. It was also a church that was burned to the ground with the congregation in it. And that's the site of the house. Strange: things have happened in that house that had nothing to do with Crowley. The bad vibes were already there. A man was beheaded there and sometimes you can hear his head rolling down. I haven't actually heard it, but a friend of mine, who is extremely straight and doesn't know anything about anything like that at all, heard it. He thought it was the cats bungling about. I wasn't there at the time, but he told the help, "Why don't you let the cats out at night? They make a terrible racket, rolling about in the halls." And they said, 'The cats are locked in a room every night." Then they told him the story of the house. So that sort of thing was there before Crowley got there. Of course, after Crowley there have been suicides, people carted off to mental hospitals... And you have no contacts with any of the spirits? PAGE: I didn't say that. I just said I didn't hear the head roll. What's your attraction to the place? PAGE: The unknown. I'm attracted by the unknown, but I take precautions. I don't go walking into things blind. Do you feel safe in the house? PAGE: Yeah. Well, all my houses are isolated. Many is the time I just stay home alone. I spend a lot of time near water. Crowley's house is in Loch Ness, Scotland. I have another house in Sussex, where I spend most of my time. It's quite near London. It's moated and terraces off into lakes. I mean, I could tell you things, but it might give people ideas. A few things have happened that would freak some people out, but I was surprised actually at how composed I was. I don't really want to go on about my personal beliefs or my involvement in magic. I'm not trying to do a Harrison or a Townshend. I'm not interested in turning anybody on to anybody that I'm turned on to .. . if people want to find things, they find them themselves. I'm a firm believer in that. You talk of this "race against time," Jimmy. Where do you think you'll be at 40? PAGE: I don't know whether I'll reach 40. I don't know whether I'll reach 35. I can't be sure about that. I'm bloody serious. I am very serious I didn't think I'd make 30. Why not ? PAGE: I just had this fear. Not fear of dying, but just... wait a minute, let's get this right. I just felt that. .. I wouldn't reach 30. That's all there was to it. It was something in me, something inbred. I'm over 30 now, but I didn't expect to be here. I wasn't having nightmares about it, but . . . I'm not afraid of death. That is the greatest mystery of all. That'll be it, that one. But it's all a race against time. You never know what can happen. Like breaking my finger. I could have broken my whole hand and been out of action for two years. Read more: "LED ZEPPELIN :: ACHILLES LAST STAND" - http://www.led-zeppelin.org/reference/inde...0EqdAiTP0&A i hope that my participation at this topic helped somewhat thanks
  11. I understand that a changed Robert Plant who has taken to reading Nietzsche on plane journeys has emerged since the accident. I know that you were ill for about nine months prior to joining the Yardbirds and I've heard you're supposed to have spent much of that time reading. Was that when your interest in the occult began? (Fifteen second pause) "My interest in the occult started when I was about fifteen." Do you agree that whereas Western society tends to see occult matters as a very dark - a very black - thing it is, in fact, a very light and enlightening thing?" "Well, there has been a major revival, a spiritual revival, throughout the world and it reflects all over the place. Not just within the West. "And there's a great interest in the Celtic mysteries and the Dark Ages and the areas where a lot of these truths were just erased for the sake of the Church, you know. But I'm quite fascinated by these things." So obviously the folkie Traditional English side of Zeppelin all emanates from one logical area of interest, no? "Yeah. Well, a man's a product of his environment. It depends how much he wants to educate himself in that framework. You know, in relationship to his craft. There should be no boundaries, so just carry on as far as you can and do it." Page, of course, is an ardent aficionado of occultist and magician, Aleister Crowley (1875-1947). Indeed, the guitarist owns Equinox, an occult bookshop situated off London's Kensington High Street, which has a large section devoted to Crowley's works as well as having his birth chart pinned to one wall. And, as already mentioned, Page spends most of his time on British shores at the home that Crowley once owned, Boleskin House. Not unexpectedly, such matters are beginning to arouse the interests of the more sensational end of the British press. In fact, only a few weeks ago a National Enquirer-like weekly magazine featured an aerial photograph of the house on its cover along with details of collapsing staircases and the appropriate 'Dark Man Of Pop' blurb about Page. "Well," says the guitarist, "They should have gone into the history of the house and Crowley would've come out like a shinning angel compared with what else went on. "I mean, it's had a history of suicides and con tricks. Plus the site of the house is on the site of a church and a graveyard, and the church was burnt down by an arsonist with the whole congregation in it. So the actual foundations of the house are built on hallowed ground. "But I'm not really interested in going on about Crowley in so much as, say, Pete Townshend does about Meher Baba. I'm not interested in trying to turn anybody on in any way whatsoever. You know, there are a thousand paths and they can choose their own. "All I know is that it's a system that works. (laughs) Although, of course, there's not much point in following a system that doesn't work." But what about the hassles you've had with Kenneth Anger? (Page wrote the score for film-maker occultist, and author of Hollywood Babylon, Kenneth Anger's imminent film, Lucifer Rising, but was turned down by Anger towards the end of last year and replaced by none other than Mansonite Bobby Beausoleil. Since then Anger has denounced Page on every possible occasion.) "I think it's more the problems he's had with himself. All I know is that at the end of the film I promised him - as I had before - the loan of a three speed projector which makes the editing so much easier. I said to him 'well, it's just going to be your own time invested'. And I also told him that he must put the music on after he put the footage together so I was just waiting for him to contact me, really. He had other music that I'd done instead of the stuff that I'd delivered which he said he wanted to use. Nevertheless, I still needed to hear from him. And I never heard anything." Didn't he come down here and stick things onto the door of this record company? "Oh, that was his curse. That was pathetic. His curse amounted to sending letters to people. Silly letters saying 'Bugger off, Page' and this sort of thing. "How can you take that sort of thing seriously? (Sounds quite deeply disappo inted). A man you had thought to be a genuine occultist and it turns out to be just. theatre. It's a shame, really." Although it's quite acceptable these days, do you wish your occult interests weren't known about? "I just don't want it rammed down people's throats as though I'm saying it's the be-all and end-all and the only way you'll be able to put things together. I'm not saying that at all. You might go off and study the Gurdjieff system and be equally. "But what I can relate to is Crowley's system of self-liberation. In which repression is the greatest work of sin. It's like being in a job when you want to be doing something else. That's the area where the true will should come forward. And when you've discovered your true will you should just forge ahead like a steam train. If you put all your energies into it there's no doubt you'll succeed. Because that's your true will. It may take a little while to work out what that is, but when you discover it, it's all there. "You know, when you realize what it is you're supposed to be here for. I mean, everyone's got a talent for something. Not necessarily artistic but whatever you care to say. And it's just a process of self-liberation. I mean, I just find his writings to be twentieth century. As a lot of the others weren't. "And there's really nothing more to say than that. I find him quite a curious, highly enigmatic character. Consequently I enjoy my researches into him. But it doesn't want to be blown out of all proportion, though, because that would be. silly, you know. I'm just another artist, too." Yeah, it's an interest in all things occult and, as you said, all things English or, rather, of Albion. And that's just one area, right? "Mmmmm." The Gig Interview: Jimmy Page Chris Salewicz, GIG, May 1977 Read more: "LED ZEPPELIN :: ACHILLES LAST STAND" - http://www.led-zeppelin.org/reference/inde...0EqVtPsIG&A this is a part of an interview that i wish that it could helps heartvreaker girl
  12. JUMP GO AHEAD JUMP i just love this band
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