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  1. ... but when Intelligent Sacred Design (and Sacred Values) are replaced with Pure Chance, anything is possible: - in other words, living conditions which are neither Intelligent nor Human(e) - become possible and socially acceptable
  2. Kids today are amazing ... what challenges are left for them in the future? http://www.bbc.co.uk...canada-16328714 US teenager Jordan Romero sets seven peak record Jordan Romero broke a record set in May by British climber George Atkinson A US teenager has become the youngest person to climb to the summit of the tallest mountains on each of the seven continents. Jordan Romero, 15, reached the summit of Mt Vinson Massif in Antarctica on Saturday, the final peak in a quest he started six years ago. His team, which includes his father and stepmother, hope to complete their descent to base camp later on Sunday. At 10 years old, Jordan climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa. At 13, the Californian climbed the world's highest mountain, Mt Everest. He called his mother, Leigh Ann Drake, on Saturday to confirm he had reached the top of Mt Vinson Massif. Jordan beat the record previously held by British climber George Atkinson, who completed the ascents at the age of 16 in May. A post to his Find Your Everest page warned there would be no celebrations until the team had completed their descent. The other peaks climbed by Jordan are Russia's Mt Elbrus (July 2007), Argentina's Mt Aconcagua (December 2007), Mt McKinley in the US (June 2008) and Indonesia's Carstensz Pyramid (September 2009). In April 2007, he also climbed Australia's highest mountain, Kosciuszko.
  3. (from Tao Te Ching chapter 25 http://acc6.its.brooklyn.cuny.edu/~phalsall/texts/taote-v3.html#25) There was something formless and perfect before the universe was born. It is serene. Empty. Solitary. Unchanging. Infinite. Eternally present. It is the mother of the universe. For lack of a better name, I call it the Tao. It flows through all things, inside and outside, and returns to the origin of all things. The Tao is great. The universe is great. Earth is great. Man is great. These are the four great powers. Man follows the earth. Earth follows the universe. The universe follows the Tao. The Tao follows only itself."
  4. the Tao Te Ching http://acc6.its.brooklyn.cuny.edu/~phalsall/texts/taote-v3.html#25
  5. Going back to the beginning: So ... what's our final decision? Is it Intelligent Design or Pure Chance? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wA_YmII8MYw
  6. God Bless those confused cats!
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSd3yys69AE
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