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  1. Yes, it's one of my dreams too to talk to him, he's really a guitar hero and I love him !
  2. great idea, that's a way to remember how gifted he was.
  3. i would spend more time playing guitar, walking in Paris, swimming, watching DVD i haven't seen for years !
  4. I do prefer the star war of the 70's but my son prefers the prequals !
  5. i'm proud of my 3 children, my Relationship with them,the values of respect and honesty me and my husband taught them, my mariage and the fact that i started to study again at the age of 40. But all of this is possible thanks to my parents and thanks to God.
  6. i saw the hangover 3 a few days ago and i liked it, it's so fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. my husband has a chemotherapy (he has the hodgkins disease) and is not home for one day...
  8. i admire Paul for his talent and his personality. I saw him live 4 times in Paris and he's a great show man!
  9. led zep since i've been loving you, thank you , stairway to heaven...
  10. i'm preparing for one day of rest, and i do deserve it !
  11. i love the beatles,for me they're the best rock band of the 60's ! thanks to them i learned many guitar chords (with beatles complete) i saw paul in live in 1989, 1993, 2009 and 2011 and ringo twice (in the 90's and in 2011)
  12. i love chocolate i adore singing and playing guitar sometimes when i have time i write poems in english (it's hard 'caus i'm french!) i appreciate talented and gifted people such as jimmy and robert
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