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  1. There used to be a partial version of Thank You from Royal Albert Hall out there haven't seen it in several years. Then there's the Page/Plant version from 1994
  2. I think both are good shows. But Robert's voice still bothers me. I think the first time in 75 I really liked Robert's voice was the 16th and he was still inconsistent after that till late March.
  3. 1971, even though we don't really have that much from that year. The shows we have are really solid even some of the audiences. But also the band was probably at their peak. From about mid 72 till 77 Robert's voice struggled or Page and Bonham were drunk and a bit off. 72-75 had a lot of great moments though. 77 had it's nights. 79 was solid. 80 was bad. 1969 and 1970 were excellent.
  4. I know they didn't. But I've read over and over that they were planning on playing them. We'll never really know now since John Bonham died.
  5. No that's not really how the US has worked. I think with Obama and Bush we basically had the same 2 type of leaders. I really don't see a big difference between those two outside of one being white and one being black. But both lack any real backbone to really go after the real problems in America which are entitlement spending and Military spending at the federal level. But neither one of those 2 have much real power about how laws are enforced in states. Which is completely different from dictators. And the government in America has always been most inefficient went it tries to get that powe
  6. Fascism is anything but right wing. Maybe in Europe they can be seen as right wing. To me Fascism is just an other form of big government socialism. The government can do better for it's people. That's really what fascism is all about. They just added racism to it. All fascism really is when you look at it is another form of socialism. In America it's seen as a far left ideology. Because America decided a long time ago to give it's power to the people and be a self government. The Egypt thing is happening because of the price of everything is doubling and tripling and so the poor people
  7. Like how Robert had to use a lyric sheet. He even joked about it on stage. Pretty good vid above. I think Jimmy didn't really like much of the last Album. But I still don't know why Zeppelin didn't play a song like I'm Gonna Crawl or Fool in the Rain. I think they were planning on playing Carouselumbra and Wearing and Tearing(which obviously wasn't on ITTOD but was recorded around that time) in the 80 US tour.
  8. Detroit 70 is a new but the quality in that one is shitty at best. There's been about 3 or 4 releases this year. Which isn't that bad. Not long ago there was probably 3-4 releases over a few years span. The last 5 or 6 years it's been pretty amazing what's come out.
  9. It's really just a soundcheck that they did a few times. Near the end of the 72 American Tour. Including one show in Arizona.
  10. All these lists leave out the guys that basically created the music. You'll never Les Paul, Frank Sinatra, Hank Williams or Robert Johnson on these lists even though their influence is so large, people don't listen to them commercially like they do classic rock. But the influence of those and all the blues guys like Willie Dixon and Bo Diddley and others that are also off the list is larger than about 80% of that list. If I were to create a list of most influential I'm not sure if Zeppelin would be in my top 5 because Hank Williams, Robert Johnson, Frank Sinatra, Beatles, Bob Dylan, and El
  11. I'm not surprised, I mean listen to his stuff since then. He plays a lot of stuff that has it's roots in the very early American blues. I like that too but you can tell he's gone passed being the young kid that did 3 hours of lunacy back in the mid to late 70s. I bet everything about that night was way too heavy for him.
  12. Just search soundgarden vic and you find some here's Jesus Christ Pose
  13. 04-28 is really good as far as audiences go. The Detroit shows in both 75 and 77 don't sound that good to me. Most of the SBs in 80 don't really sound right to me. But that could have been the band performance also. 77 OKC is pretty bad even though I like it because it's my hometown. Most of the Chicago shows a few days later were bad. Although the 9th was decent and the 6th was decent in parts. Miami 69 is pretty good for an audience. I don't get that one. Most of the early audiences weren't that bad. Bristol 70 is another good call. Even the new Bath Festival ones which are an im
  14. The official releases were far from the best versions of the song. Of the official releases I would take HTWWW. But that's the best performance of those officially released. SIBLY to me is a barometer of Zeppelin's best concerts. If Zeppelin were at their best this song was at it's best. They didn't play it every show of course especially the later years. I think they took it out in some 77 shows and most of 75. But there's still some real solid versions throughout even those years. Here's some of my favorites and if you notice they are also some of the most known Zeppelin shows 08-15-7
  15. google is a good start. That's how I started finding boots.
  16. Fox News, CNN, and the Internet from about 15 different blogs or sites. I used to watch MSNBC but they became too vile to watch.
  17. Some of the Febuary shows are halfway decent. He's not near as bad on 02-14 as he was in any of January or most of earlier on that month. Even on 02-12 his voice is horrible IMO. St. Louis is a really good SB. So is 02-28 at LSU. But I think the first real great Plant voice comes from 03-11 and 12 in Long Beach. The Audiences out for these 2 dates are really good anyway. Then his LA shows a couple weeks later are really solid also. They are all audiences but they are really good audiences also. I think I prefer March 24th the best.
  18. Vanilla Fudge doing the Supremes You Keep Me Hanging On. Money was originally the first Motown hit song by Barrett Strong. But Zeppelin's best cover for me is Long Tall Sally. Little Richard did that one first but a bunch of other people covered it also. Eric Clapton's I Shot the Sheriff originally Bob Marley GNR Knockin' on Heaven's Door(Bob Dylan) Lynyrd Skynyrd's cover of JJ Cale's They Call Me the Breeze. Aretha's cover of Otis Redding's Respect
  19. I think it's really simple. Talent. There might not be a better group in their prime that came together to form a better talent of musicians outside of maybe the Beatles. And with all respect to Ringo Starr he's no John Bonham.
  20. Reading some more recent quotes there's a chance we could see some Zepp in guitar hero. May still be a ways away.
  21. Zeppelin didn't really have any political songs other than maybe Night Flight which is about skipping out on the draft. I think this entire debacle is caused from both the republicans and democrats neglecting the issue for 30 or 40 years now it's gotten to where there is no easy solution.
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