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  1. It'd be strange if House of Cards was a Radiohead cover, especially since Plant said he disliked Radiohead a while back (at least I think he did?)

    Still, it would be interesting to hear his take on the song!

    Yeah it was about 10 years ago and he heard them at a bar or something like that and he basically said "Turn that crap off"

  2. Ah, but were Billy and Sir Reg onstage together for the whole 3:45? Or was it Billy in the first half, and Reg in the second? If they were together for the duration, I gotta say I'm impressed at their stamina for a couple of old guys!

    It was about 3:45 minutes non stop. But Billy and Elton started it for the first 30 minutes minutes. Elton played his hour and half long set. Then Billy played for about an hour 15 minutes, then the two came back together for the last 30 minutes. But it was 3:45 minutes non stop music. I bet Elton played 2:30-3 hours with or without Billy Joel.

    But a solo act going over 3 hours? Doesn't happen much. You may get some that go over 2 hours. Elton John did a 4 hour gig a couple years ago for his birthday or something like that. But I haven't really heard of any other recent acts that still go out there and play for 3 hours alone.

  3. I think the problem with England is the same that happened with the USA in basketball a few years ago. They were the best individual talent, but they weren't a team at the global stage and they were killed in most international competition even though America does have the best basketball talent. Well they dedicated to being a team around 06 or so and started kicking some butt. Same thing with England. They have one of the most talented teams in the world but they aren't really a team right now.

  4. Basically England wins against Slovenia and they will advance so all will be forgotten. Same with the USA. USA played great in the 2nd half and should have had the win today. England played bad and should have lost today.

  5. Wow best sounding version of this show. Now we just need the SBD to come out. Maybe then we can understand about a third of what Robert says during Immigrant Song.

  6. it's amazing that so many people bash the unions, yet millions (some who are now part of the tea party movement)are collecting big fat pensions because of sacrifices made. Who do you think made this possible? It certainly wasn't out of the kindness of the mega corporations heart.

    If Europe is proving anything those pensions are not being paid for so people have to end up working longer to pay for them. If it gets to a point where the pensions aren't really used, what good are they?

    As far as the Tea Party being staged...lol. The problem with the Tea Party is that it's a truer grass roots movement than the one that was union oriented that helped get the President elected. I do like that some politicians like Chris Christie of New Jersey and Paul Ryan of Wisconsin have come out of this movement with a lot of support. And we have had a lot of Libertarians coming out of the movement. But we haven't gotten to the point where the debate between small and big government has really started.

  7. That's kinda like saying China will or India will be major forces. That hasn't really happened. Those 2 countries have 3-5 times the population of the US. The US just has other sports it likes over football. The best athletes in America play american football and basketball. That probably takes up 90% of the top athletes.

  8. I think it's good that USA's become decent in football but really it's not even being talked about that much in the US now. I listen to a lot of sports and news radio in the area. But the sport will just never be that popular here. The biggest thing being talked about in the US is the impending realignment in our college football(not the football the rest of the world likes)

  9. That was a short time though. When people get used to gas prices being a certain the only thing it changes is that people spend less money on shopping and things like that which hurts the economy in the long run. If gas prices are hiked up for a short time, people do travel less but they've had expensive gas in Europe for a long time and I bet the travel is not any different than it was before.

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