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  1. They did Bron Yr Aur before it was on Physical Graffiti.
  2. Here are the two dates with D'yer Ma'ker 3-21-73 Hamburg-it's just a few 'Oh's' and some notes during WLL 5-25-75 Earls Court during the Communication Breakdown little bit more. Maybe a verse or so but not a full version. Never played in a full version though.
  3. Yep it was played a little bit live. I can't remember the date. I'll look it up.
  4. Meddle may be my favorite Floyd album. Dark Side, Animals, Wish You Were Here, The Wall, and Division Bell were all great. But Meddle really stands out to me.
  5. They were amazing. Changes is a great song. So is Hole in the Sky, Planet Caravan, Black Sabbath.
  6. I wish the band would release more live soundboards. I know they have them. They should just start releasing their own stuff and make money off them. There is a lot of people making money off their boots anyway.
  7. I've also heard rumors that they played YTIGC in the very first tour but since there's no setlists or boots from that tour there's no way to know for sure.
  8. My favorite from each year 1968 Zaga the only known boot from that year is a pretty quality one for being 39 years old. 1969 Texas Pop is the best sounding overall. It's also the bluesiest Zepp ever got in concert. Any of the Filmore West shows are good also. I think they played their 6 times. Boston Tea Party from 1/26 is a good one also. 1970 Blueberry Hill is arguably the most famous Zepp boot ever. It was probably the original bootleg. New York the day after Jimi died Oakland Royal Albert Hall Montreaux LA 3-27 Tulsa is another famous one. I think
  9. It was played several times in 1970 Levee was played 3 times in 1975 to begin that tour. Twice in Chicago and in the warm up in Brussels. Here's a list of songs never played live by Zeppelin Zeppelin I Your Time is Gonna Come is the only one. Good Times was rarely played but usually as a medley with Communication Breakdown. Zeppelin II Livin Loving Maid Full version of Ramble On. Ramble On has been played by Robert Plant and it was played with Page and Plant in the 90s. Never a full version by Zeppelin though just parts of it. Zeppelin III Hats off to Roy Harper is th
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