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  1. 03-21 Vancouver obviously it's a SB there's also a solid aud from this one

    09-19 NYC both shows are good

    08-15 Yale is a decent show, but it's probably a little bit of a step down in quality.

    02-28 is another good one.

    There's a couple others that are pretty decent.

  2. Soundgarden doing Communication Breakdown, sound quality is average at best but it's still pretty solid cover.

    Cornell will sometimes cover Led Zeppelin's Thank You also. It's not that bad.

    A band called Ibex also covered the Zeppelin classic back when it was a new song. Lead singer would soon be Freddie Mercury, this was before the name change I believe. Anyway here's that version. It's not as good as the SG version.


    But here is a good quality cover of Zeppelin from Queen, sound quality isn't that great. But it's Immigrant Song

    Aerosmith did some Zeppelin covers over the years. Here is the best on NYE 1999-2000 in Japan, Little bit of Heartbreaker, of course Steven doesn't know the words but nobody's perfect.

    Here's one of my favorite funny versions of a Zepp tune. Foo Fighters doing Stairway.

    Warning on the last one it was meant to be funny so don't take it so seriously.

    I'm sure I can come up with more later.

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