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  1. It's a nice hard rock album, much better than most of the junk out nowadays.
  2. Almost all the middle east is islamic, I think more people in the US are agnostic than any religion even some of the people that say they are Christians. There's probably not an study that can really prove or disprove that though.
  3. Someone had a very good point why we can't have any religion being taught. Who is to say one is better or more right than the other? Does anyone realize that at this point there are probably more of the Islam faith in the world than there are Christians in the world? There's about 1-2.5 billion people in both religions.
  4. I think this Carlin rant on the environment fits just how I feel. The planet is fine, the people are fucked.
  5. Most intellects knew the earth was round when Columbus first set sail, but most normal people thought the earth was flat. The thing is that some things are probably never completely provable. Things like evolution take millions of years. People have only been around for half a million years so you can see why it's hard to believe in such a thing like evolution.
  6. Here's the two on this site from the 80 tour I think there's a couple more around if you look at other sites. http://www.ledzeppelin.com/video/munich-1980 http://www.ledzeppelin.com/video/zurich-1980 But the only professionally filmed shows are 1969 Denmark, 1970 RAH, 1973 MSG, 1975 Last 2 Earls Court shows, 1977 Seattle, 1979 Knebworth There's rumors of others but nothing really confirmed. 1969 Dallas is one, 1977 Houston is another rumored one, But nothing is really confirmed.
  7. A theory is basically a scientific fact or as close as you can get to one in science. Science always leaves itself to be proven wrong or different because it's all about testing it over and over again. Gravity is a perfect example. Nobody can perfectly explain why Newton's laws of gravity really work, he basically used math to come up with his theories, but why does his theory work nobody knows almost 400 years later. The theory of evolution is the same as gravity the closest thing you can think of when to fact in science are theories, because science is all about trying to prove and sometimes
  8. Ray Davies seems to me to not really like anyone except himself. He could be more like Clapton who has said in the past that he doesn't really like Zeppelin's music all that much but he respects Jimmy as a friend and a musician.
  9. It just shows how bad today's music is that they just stay away from newer musicians.
  10. Of course it sounds somewhat like Zeppelin Jimmy Page is involved. That's like saying Robert Plant kinda sounds like the guy from those Zeppelin albums, there's a good reason for that. I think there's good and bad in Coverdale Page, I'm not a real big fan of Coverdale he sounds kinda too over the top on things like it's too forced. But at the same time there's some good stuff on it like Shake My Tree which was used in some Page and Plant shows. Pride and Joy is decent. There's also a lot of forgettable stuff.
  11. Science shouldn't be faith. People make it too much of a faith at times like what has happened with global warming and other things but the fact that science facts change all the time and some aren't fully provable makes science what it is. Newton's laws of gravity will never fully be explained. But that doesn't make them any less true. Faith is about believing no matter what. That is completely different from science
  12. Balance of Terror has to be my favorite episode. Enterprise vs Romulans episode. The good old days when the Romulans were actually a good enemy.
  13. Trying to limit healthcare isn't going to be a good alternative. It'll just lead to people not getting treated for other reasons like they aren't healthy enough or they are at too much of a risk for something. Their lives won't be worth getting treated. They think they can pay for everything by just cutting away extra spending. That's stupid because that illegal spending is illegal for a reason, and most of it will be impossible to cut through. What they will have to do is just cut people from getting certain types of healthcare. They don't want to make healthcare cheaper, they want more c
  14. Drugs are used in healthcare, what's going to happen is that people are not going to get treated because it'll be too expensive to treat someone for something and they are going to be seen as not worth that treatment.
  15. Drugs will just escalate higher and higher because there's going to be less competitions with them.
  16. Foxnews' ratings have been going up for a long, long time. In fact they started going up around late 2006 or so and have not really even been closed in ratings since around this time. The ratings for Fox haven't really changed since the Obama war on them started. But they haven't really gone down either. MSNBC and CNN just don't really do as good a job as FoxNews does and don't really pay attention to the real news at all. They just promote their own rhetoric and kiss up to the communist ideas that have been going through politics the last decade. The only good thing that FN does is that it is
  17. I think the problem with healthcare is there are too many restrictions on it from the government right now. Getting more government involvement is going to make healthcare tougher to get for people that can't get it not easier to get. What will happen is that people will get healthcare for certain things but then they won't get certain types of healthcare. Like you can't check for certain cancers or heart diseases till you are a certain age just to save money. So more people will end up getting diseases because they fall through the cracks and won't get healthcare paid for because they figure
  18. I think that's the same with politicians also. It's not like the politicians have said one thing that is true about their healthcare bill. There will be less choice and no competition after this bill passes.
  19. The next movie won't likely have Khan. That's what the commentary on the film said. But this was also just weeks after the film was released so it's still too soon to tell. I seriously doubt they do a Khan flick in the next one. Probably a Klingon movie or some other alien.
  20. They created the song specifically to be a single, I believe it was written after Zeppelin III was already done.
  21. If you know where to look you can pretty much download all of these shows to your computer. Earls Court is probably Zeppelin at their peak. One of the shows went almost 4 hours. Roberts voice was a little shaky at some points but not near as bad as he was earlier in the year. The rest of the group were probably at their best musically.
  22. You could be right, but I think the republican and democrat parties are pretty much irrelevant anyway. It'll come down to who wins the congressional seats. I think we'll see the democrats lose a ton of those seats because they are being beat up more than Obama is right now. The republicans basically ran a democrat as their candidate last time and they probably will go the same way this time.
  23. MSNBC is the Obama network. Honestly all of the major networks suck. Fox is owning MSNBC and CNN by over 2-1 in ratings Combine CNN and MSNBC together and you can't beat Fox's ratings. That just shows how bad the other two networks are right now, not how good Fox is.
  24. There's added scenes like the ones that are talked about where Nero escapes from the Klingon's and a few others I'm sure. I'm sure there's making of stuff also. There's not even a date for the next movie. If it's out by 2011 they probably need to start filming real soon as in the next few months. Last I heard they haven't really writtin anything for it so my guess is 2012 for the next movie.
  25. There was no soundboard released for that show. It's an amazing audience. Legend says that Zeppelin did record soundboards for those shows but they were destroyed by Jimmy Page.
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