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  1. Milwaukee 31 August 1970. Great show and decent recording. Too bad we're missing the last half of the show.
  2. San Diego 03 September 1970 "Missing Sailor". I passed on this Immigrant title at a CD show 20 years ago and always regretted it, and enjoyed the opportunity to finally hear the show that preceded "Blueberry Hill". Not the best recording, but a good, spirited show.
  3. Copenhagen 24 July 1979. I really like the '79 shows and at times wish they'd ended there and went out on a high point at Knebworth instead of with the 1980 European tour. Had they gone on to the US I suspect that the shows would have improved, especially in the usual places; New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, etc. Terrific recordings and atmosphere at the Copenhagen shows. I'm not sure how big the actual venue is, but they have a small club atmosphere. Yes. Cleveland/Cincinnati always get me.
  4. Cincinnati 27 April 1977. Probably one of the first dozen or so shows I ever heard. I remember I had a big 4LP black box with "Destroyer" stamped on it. Still one of my favorites even if the show isn't considered one of the best.
  5. I can't imagine how they'd to it unless they added another person to the lineup. I'm also not so sure if, given their health at the time, Bonzo or Page could have played their parts live.
  6. New Haven 15 August 1970. I really like the 1970 tour. It's not as raw as the 1969 shows, but they've developed into a fine-tuned machine and the songs from the first two albums really shine. As the songs from the third album are added into the setlist the variety of the material makes for a really exciting concert. The party around the taper really gives you a sense of how much concerts have changed in 40 years. Wish I was there with them.
  7. I'm fine with them never reuniting again. A short Sandy set would have likely been Live Aid all over again.
  8. That explains why it kept improving in sound and then fading. I thought it was my ears adjusting. I've noticed that tapers of prog bands tended to not record Zeppelin. Over on the east coast, Dan Lampinski made dozens of excellent tapes in the Boston area during the 70s, but never did a Zep show. Did some nice Pink Floyd, Tull, and Yes though...
  9. It took me several days to get through Atlanta '77, so I followed it up with Montreux 07 March 1970, the Empress Valley "Intimidator" version. In a perfect world, this would have been released as a legitimate live album in the summer or fall of 1970.
  10. Atlanta 23 April 1977. Another borderline fair/poor audience recording. An excellent show in need of an upgrade.
  11. I'll have to look for that one. I have the Jabe version and it's a substantial improvement over "Dixie". It is a good performance once you can hear it.
  12. Bootleggers always used pretty cheap vinyl, and if I remember correctly, the multi-colored is among the worst due to it being a conglomeration of several different materials. I don't think any of the ones I have left are multi-colored, though I do still have two picture discs; one of the LZIII wheel, and another with a photo of Plant from '73 or so. I don't remember what is on either of them. During the Pink Floyd tour of 1987, there was a big surge of their shows on pink vinyl. Bootleggers did know how to draw people in.
  13. Birmingham 18 May 1977. Dixie "Revisited". Supposed to be a great performance, but it's hard to tell with the echo and distance on the tape.
  14. The xerox cover means it is probably from the 70's to early 80's. I've seen similar versions priced around $50 to $100, though I don't know how big the market is anymore as it's value is simply as a conversation piece since the audio is available in higher quality elsewhere. I sold off most of my vinyl boots 25 years ago and got pretty good cash for them at the time.
  15. If I agree with him or not, I've always enjoyed Starostin's reviews; they're insightful and opinionated. The problems arise when people confuse a review with a scholarly article.
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