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  1. This problem is quite old. It dates back to pretty much every group who have broken up and now perform solo. Classic example: The Beatles. Paul's Solo/Wings/Pseudonym [RAM, The Fireman] output is huge. I mean HUGE. If you take an average of 11 songs per album [That's a pretty accurate average actually since most of his albums have 10-13 tracks.] and exclude the Twin Freak [That album is an abomination.], you get 17 albums. 11*17 = 187 songs. You get the idea. This is roughly Paul's current setlist for his tours [subject to occasional change]: "Eight Days a Week" "Junior's Farm" "Al
  2. I have always thought the studio version of pretty much every song sounds restrained. Compare Kashmir, Dazed and Confused, Trampled Underfoot or In My Time of Dying to their live counterparts, all sound a bit restrained and are not nearly as powerful or fantastic. This could just be me but I have always found their live performances to be better, what about you?
  3. I only have 1 or 2 bootlegs, [that too which i haven't bother to hear, yet that is] but from those alone i can realize that the duration of LZ shows of early shows and later shows were drastically different. The later year show have a length of 3+ hours [From 74'-75']. Why is this? Did LZ start improvising much more in their later shows than their earlier ones? Also, do this shows LZ at their best? They jammed quite a bit compared to their relatively young performances... So what's your preferences, old or new?
  4. MY GOOD LORD! What the heck has Jimmy done? The whole album is a mess. Not a single song in it's entirety! All a big mash.
  5. I beg to differ. I don't want a best hits collection but a pure live performance. To each to his own.
  6. For some weird reason, the songs on HTWWW has certain songs mixed from both of their show covered on the album. Why? Why can't Jimmy just put a single song in its entirety rather than give us a mix of two night? I must note however that to an average listener this isn't apparent even the slightest. Lastly, why do live albums in general mix different shows together and give us a song which was never performed? We listen to live albums to get a feel of the band perform live, not to get a new version of their song. Don't get me wrong, I love the performances on the album and would listen to them
  7. The performances on all songs were top notch and the remastered version gave us a vastly superior and (!) an extended Dazed and Confused. So sure, some songs lost their original duration but on the flip side we got some new songs. Who doesn't like new live premium quality songs? If the main issue was the length then there was always the original album. So, why the hate?
  8. Hello people, I am Led Zeppelin newbie. [Forgive me than if i make noobish comments.] From what i can read, does it mean that their 69-72 period was their most energy-driven and raw performance period? Also, is TSRTS not as good as BBC Session, according to you than? I have heard their 75' performances and to me they don't sound tired at all. So I am not sure what y'all are talking of?
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