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  1. Scylla: Once again you have outdone yourself - there are many gems in here that I (and perhaps others) have not seen, so thank you for taking the time to search and post these for all of us to enjoy! We will need to think of a new category about this amazing man, so more pics can be shared. Cheers, From a long time Canadian fan
  2. Love Jimmy in his vests - He is such an original!
  3. Scylla: Thanks for posting these gems, as there are some I and probably others have never seen before! Kudos to you for all your efforts to share these pics with this forum. Well done!!
  4. Scylla - I do not know where find these - they are fantastic! Well done.
  5. Not sure what you mean - not interested in a t shirt...
  6. Hello scylla Thank you so much for posting these pics of our beloved Jimmy through the years! He is such an amazing musician and a fashion icon - a true original -hope you are able to post the 77 years soon, which we all love too! Thanks for your efforts to share these photos with all the fans - we never tire of enjoying them
  7. Love these pics of Rober!!!
  8. Just love the pictures - thanks for sharing them!
  9. Wow - fantastic pics! Love the ones posted by Aen 27 as they are so new - he really is a renaissance man!
  10. Thanks - I will be sure to purchase it! By the way, your posts are very informative...
  11. Aen - these are great! May I ask where the last two are from? Thx!
  12. These are wonderful pics, some I have not seen before! Thanks for sharing.
  13. I often wondered what happened to these stage outfits.
  14. Love that you find and share these pics with us!
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