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  1. Scylla: Once again you have outdone yourself - there are many gems in here that I (and perhaps others) have not seen, so thank you for taking the time to search and post these for all of us to enjoy! We will need to think of a new category about this amazing man, so more pics can be shared. Cheers, From a long time Canadian fan
  2. Love Jimmy in his vests - He is such an original!
  3. Scylla: Thanks for posting these gems, as there are some I and probably others have never seen before! Kudos to you for all your efforts to share these pics with this forum. Well done!!
  4. Scylla - I do not know where find these - they are fantastic! Well done.
  5. Agreed 54Tangerine! I too ordered my copy of the book as soon as I learned it was available to purchase. I regret missing out on the first offering, but am thrilled something is coming from Jimmy for the rest of his many fans! Looking forward to October - a great Zep year indeed!!
  6. Not sure what you mean - not interested in a t shirt...
  7. Hello scylla Thank you so much for posting these pics of our beloved Jimmy through the years! He is such an amazing musician and a fashion icon - a true original -hope you are able to post the 77 years soon, which we all love too! Thanks for your efforts to share these photos with all the fans - we never tire of enjoying them
  8. Love these pics of Rober!!!
  9. Just love the pictures - thanks for sharing them!
  10. Wow DL - well done for being able to to wait for your delivery of this magnificient music! As a fellow Canadian, I feel the same way!
  11. Hi all from Toronto - is there another way to hear this interview? Hope so...
  12. Wow - fantastic pics! Love the ones posted by Aen 27 as they are so new - he really is a renaissance man!
  13. Thanks - I will be sure to purchase it! By the way, your posts are very informative...
  14. Aen - these are great! May I ask where the last two are from? Thx!
  15. These are wonderful pics, some I have not seen before! Thanks for sharing.
  16. I often wondered what happened to these stage outfits.
  17. Just saying that Jimmy seems more accessible to his fans when Ross is not around - I could be wrong...
  18. Hi all Just want to ask about Ross Halfin - he never seems to be happy in photos with Jimmy- Thoughts on his role beside a photograher and a good friend?? Seems to want keep JP from his fans...
  19. Love that you find and share these pics with us!
  20. Percy girl Thanks so much for these these pics of our beloved Robert! A real treat!!
  21. Young or old he remains magnificent!
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