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  1. Yes that is very important. I have no idea if they were stolen. They could have been and if so, yes it doesn't matter what we think, but to answer your first question, they and many others are songs that seem somewhat complete as is. If Page has access to those, I don't see why he wouldn't release cleaned up versions of them. Maybe due to his hate of bootlegs? Perhaps I am just disappointed to not see take me home (a physical graffiti work) not on the companion disc. Yes this does take a lot of "ifs" into the equation, but it's nice to dream isn't it?
  2. I see you might not buy already cleaned up versions of songs (like swan song) but In regards to the studio tracks of low quality that have made it to the public (like Fire or Take Me Home) would you still not buy a remastered version of that? Surely a decent sounding version of those on an easily accessible album would be worth the money yes? It is in my eyes.
  3. I, like many other i assume, have been slightly disappointed with the reissues of Zeppelin's albums. My main gripe is the missed opportunity to add remastered versions of bootlegs and outtakes like "Take Me Home" "Sugar Mama" "I Wanna Be Her Man" and many others. I know Jimmy said he wasn't adding songs that made it out on bootleg or to the public, but what a mistake! I for one would shell out money without hesitation for remastered versions of those on cd/vinyl. So my question is, would you buy an album/box set with outtakes like "Swan Song" or "Fire?" If so, let us find a way to relay the me
  4. John Paul Jones plays so much, we need different forums for bass, keys, and mandolin. JPJ shreds mandolin on Hey Hey What Can I Do. Has anyone else noticed the thunderous 8 string bass on Ozone Baby? Organ solo on You Shook Me? Don't forget about string arrangements. Zep brough session musicians in for string sections in Friends and Kashmir, both arranged by JPJ. He is a genius and a list of 10 songs can't do him justice.
  5. As far as my idea for a good set list for 80, I'm first assuming that Page's playing is much improved from Europe. I'm also assuming that the 1978 outtake Fire was finished and incorporated into their next album whenever that would come out. 1. Wearing & Tearing 2. Nobody's Fault But Mine 3. Black Dog 4. Bring It On Home OR When The Levee Breaks 5. Out On The Tiles (yeah that's right) 6. Carouselambra 7. Song Remains The Same 8. Trampled Underfoot 9. Tea For One 10. Fire (if they finished it. If only....) 11. In The Evening 12. Achilles Last Stand 13. Stairway (only to please
  6. Aaaahhhh my favorite album. Song Remains the Same with the progressive riffs is my favorite Zeppelin song. Closely followed by The Rain Song and Dancing Days. Great music!
  7. The riff was released in a song by The Firm, though the name escapes me. That song, however, was disappointing. The feeling of tension wasn't there as the piece was more of a pop song.
  8. My senior quote this year is between, "yes there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run, there is still time to change the road you're on" OR "upon us all, a little rain must fall, its just a little rain." Think I will go with the second since quoting Stairway seems very cliche.
  9. Page/Bonzo no doubt. They play off of each other so much. They are what makes most songs so heavy not only in volume, but in depth.
  10. After all of my time exploring the studio albums and live shows of Led Zeppelin, I have discovered many outtakes and unreleased/unfinished numbers that I think would have enhanced so many albums. What I want to know is, what are your favorite outtakes and what do you like about them? Personally, my top five in no particular order would be Take Me Home, Fire, Swan Song, I Wanna Be Her Man, and Feel So Bad/Fixin To Die/Thats Alright Mama. Shoot!
  11. Personally, it depends on the day. I like different aspects of each era. The early days were so raw and each of the members were flawless. Robert's voice, especially from 1970 to early 1972, was mind-boggling. The latter days, however, had such an energy about them. The live songs had developed so much and the setlists were more diverse and more entertaining. (The biggest downfall for me for the 1971 shows was the fact that half the show was Zeppelin IV.) Either way, you can't go wrong. My vote would be split between the early days and 1977.
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