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  1. Bit of a mystery the numbers as they use the same numbering system as us Westerners and most of the world in general......useful in Japanese shops and websites as at least you can identify the price! It's not a sticker covering the number by any chance? I remember the Divinity release shipped like that way back but it told you in English to remove it!
  2. Very much doubt Eelgrass are linked to EV, you can't buy Eelgrass products in Blind Faith and EV release their own budget jewel case releases. More likely linked to a well known source for boots name-checked in EV's "fuck you" message the other day. I might pick up the Eelgrass next month just for the sheer convenience of having all tracks in one set, I've done my bit to support EV as their version arrives to me sometime this morning having passed through customs and into the courier's delivery schedule.
  3. I think all the last few days have done is to guarantee that EV won't be changing their new method of chopping up and trickling out any exclusive releases, if anything it's just going to get worse. I can't see a solution - pay for streaming? I assume a copy can be made of files being streamed though? I can see EV wrapping up production on the exclusives - the slow release schedule for new SBD show's they are in no hurry for recoup their initial outlay or they simply buy them one at a time. Perhaps the physical format is doomed as we knew it - tit for tat indeed.
  4. Just seen a comment on a Japanese site that suggest the set is on sale, presumably in Blind Faith, and that Friends is definitely not included. 10 songs as per the Airraid site.
  5. In my humble opinion the Deux prices were a tipping point for many - all 3 releases are still available, even the 100 copy promo version is regularly advertised on a Japanese auction site at cost/buy it now prices. Slightly underwhelmed by todays announcements but at least it's costing a lot less than I budgeted.
  6. I think it's a certainty, the days of only releasing the new material as an option are over - it'll be paired with multiple sources to make it the usual 6CD/9CD/12CD etc multiple format boxes. Like Seattle this is all about the maximum $ given it will be copied by cheaper labels and uploaded for the non-paying masses. I can't see it being any cheaper than the lowest priced initial Seattle release - $350. Happy to be wrong ☺️.
  7. Not a release for me, as pointless as Tit for Tat, becoming the preserve of deep-pocketed completists. Been an EV fan since their inception but very selective these days.
  8. Thanks anyway, probably more wishful thinking on my part. I thought Back Trip had closed completely so maybe I will take a quick look in there. I can get most of the Zep stuff in Blind Faith and Pb and other bands in Lighthouse. I've struggled to pick up some of the Wendy releases previously, Lighthouse had some, Strangelove more but that shop is very expensive.
  9. I've been to all the usual suspects, I wondering if there were any more tucked away or less well known either in Shinjuku or other parts of Tokyo, I guess not.
  10. Am not sure if this is completely appropriate to ask here but if necessary can anyone PM some advice to me for a planned Tokyo shopping trip? I've been to Shinjuku several times and know the more well known places where Page and Halfin shop/visit for live stuff but just wondered if any locals/regular visitors have any more locations still trading they might share. I'll have a tight window and I've found some labels/titles generally easier to get than others. Thanks for any help.
  11. Ebay is awash with bootlegs, some pro-sellers offer nothing but. I could never work out what Ebay was trying to achieve, they closed my selling "privilege" permanently for selling parts of my personal collection but let others operate with impunity, guess there are more fees to be made from high volume sellers and it looks good to shut down the small guy. All of that said I hope Discogs and Ebay remain a source, they can be useful for physical collectors such as myself.
  12. I did ask that question before ordering given EV's regular (mis)use of the word "remastered"....got a non-committal answer along the lines of "I haven't heard it so can't comment". I'm not surprised however.
  13. I think you have to walk into Blind Faith in Tokyo to get direct EV prices but if you are that local it's 35,000 yen (Regular), 56,000 (Promo) and 59,000 (deluxe). Most re-sellers add approximately 10% foreigner tax and another 5% paypal fees. Dollar wise $350/$500/$600 plus shipping and paypal fees.
  14. Never seen a Zep only bootleg shop in Shinjuku, made a couple of visits although they have been over the last few years and there are less shops around than there used to be. Blind Faith is the Empress Valley outlet but sells tons of other artists especially the Stones, Clapton and the Beatles. There's a few other shops but they sell all artists.
  15. The "added bonus remastered" sets are likely just straight re-issues of their earlier releases so you're possibly paying $350/$500/$600 for 3-4 CDs of new material depending on which version you want.
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