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  1. One of the best ones yet. Funny as hell with the trivia IMO. I get into it like some people get into sports. Afterward Metal Mania came on and played some old Scorpions and Winger. Feeling pretty nostalgic tonight.
  2. Very nice! Looks like it was rarely worn.
  3. There is also the Reeves "Jimmy" model. About 2k for the head I think. Had my eye on it a long time but am not ready to pull the trigger yet.
  4. Thanks. In any case I found that I can get really close with the Whammy. Switch to bridge and set the Whammy for Octave with the pedal down. Pretty close IMO.
  5. I've been working on Ramble On and am wondering what pedal he used during the harmonic section.
  6. I can tell they are a special order item and that SD doesn't even advertise them but that's about it.
  7. So, how many MLP members do we have here? I know there are at least a couple.
  8. Hey, I didn't claim to be an expert but know a little more than the average person I think. Back to scale length. Scale length is the distance from the nut to the 12th fret x2 correct?
  9. Acoustic Classics Vol. 1 and Acoustic Classics Vol. 2
  10. I think your referring to scale length? Just did a workshop on setups. Hard to explain. Several factors that go into intonating a guitar but the goal is to have all the notes (standard tuning) lining up with the frets. At the 12th fret for example you want EADGBe. Not sharp or flat or off a whole step which would make your guitar play out of whack. Hope that helps.
  11. Wow! I never even heard or seen of "Extra Slinkys". Crazy. On the DVD version of "It Might Get Loud" one of the extras was a conversation about the strings they use. Mainly a back and forth between Jack White and the Edge. Jimmy didn't really indicate one way or the other what he was using.
  12. What's also all over the Les Paul forums is how GC screwed some of their pre-paid ($20,000) customers to up the price and re-sale them for $80,000. After a huge uproar started GC decided to donate the guitars to charity to save face. I'm talking about some of the 25 autographed ones by Jimmy. A long story but that's the short of it.
  13. I've been trying to figure out what model Ray Ban Jimmy has been wearing. He wore it on the Guitar World cover and the "It Might Get Loud" movie. Anyone?
  14. Thanks for the reminder. My ear is getting better and is helping me progress more but your right. Jimmy doesn't make it easy. Lots of wrong turns to listen for. I'm working on the studio version mainly but there are some arpeggios and some solo stuff from TSRTS that I'd like to add later.
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