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  1. Ok, I finally got almost precise data. Fretting hand length from bottom to the top of the MF: 19 cm. Index: around 7,5-6 cm; MF: not more than 8,5 cm; Ring: weird digit ratio on the fretting hand, max 7,8-8 cm; Pinky: 6,5-6 max. Thumb was the most difficult to figure out, but not longer than 7 cm. Fingers aren't superlong at all. That photo with his hands resting on his knees isn't extraordinary. His fingers were super-thing then, which creates sort of an optical illusion. But in regards to the palm breadth - it is enormous: 10,3 cm. Ok, now this thread is totally done :-).
  2. Must be prints of loads of other guitar players.
  3. http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?/topic/5116-jimmys-height/page-4 Last post on this page. Maybe one could approach this user, as it clearly seems that his hands fit the prints)
  4. http://gitbuddy.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/image_009.jpg This guy's complete hand is 18,5 cm long. MF is about 8-8,5 cm. Forget the hand, look at the fingers. They aren't completely inserted into this print, which points out that the difference between this guys MF and Jimmy's is nothing more than 0,5 cm. Thus Jimmy's MF is about 9 cm long, which isn't outstandingly long. I'd say average. Any thoughts?
  5. That is weird. But iWanna know. It isn't yet possible for me to travel to LA to figure it out myself, so I hoped I'd find someone here. Perhaps there are even ppl, who compared their hands to his prints. In last case the whole thing would be whole lotta easier!
  6. Hey, pals. Seen Jimmy's hand prints in Hollywood and wondered if anyone knows, what his hands length is and middle finger in particular. MF looks like 8.5-9 cm, doesn't it?
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