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  1. LOL little girl tears..... got to love 'em
  2. I step away for a few days and while I'm gone you people shaved all the pigs and burned down the outhouse. I can't leave you people alone without all hell breaking out. Don't argue politics--- just lick the rim ever so lightly --and don't ram your tongue all the way in. Jeeze....
  3. There were card carrying Nazis and the there were CARD CARRYING NAZIS. Clearly you can differentiate between them. Oskar Schindler was also a member of the Nazi party in case you weren't aware. In my opinion if you want to lay some blame on what occurred, a healthy dose needs to be laid at the feet of the British and the French who after WW2 gave Germany few options other than a path to radicalization. And then when they could have SHOULD have done things to stop Hitler, they failed to do anything. All that CRAP and the "phony war" after Britain and France declared war on Germany in '39 and basically did nothing was a lot of horse poop. If it wasn't for the Soviets (commie Stalinist bastards) and the Americans-- western Europe would still be eating sauerkraut. How about holding the British Empire accountable for hundreds of years and tens of thousands of deaths around the globe for all of the abuses during the British era of imperialism? Or the French? Or the Spanish? How about the Dutch and the Portuguese? Oh and yes, America too? Past history is past history. We could go back and recriminate all the way back to the Babylonian Empire, through Persia, Greece, Rome, and then back to Britain and so forth. And that is just in the Western world. I haven't even mentioned China, India, and Japan yet.
  4. me to bartender: "those pickled eggs are fresh, right?" bartender (rolling his eyes): "yeah, absolutely!"
  5. I miss the original Poo Bah record shop that used to be located in an old craftsman style bungalow in Pasadena on the corner of Walnut and Wilson Ave. Now the place is some damn salon/spa I think. also long gone from Pasadena California: The Handlebars Saloon in the alley behind the Academy theater on Colorado Blvd. Great times, live bands, and sometimes you might run into Alex Van Halen or someone from the band. Perkin's Palace on Raymond Ave. Great concert venue--- especially in the punk years. Black Flag, Suicidal Tendencies, and all those L.A. '80s hair bands--- GnR, Ratt, Crue. Place is now just another fucking 'mixed use' apartment and retail space. What a crime! The old Bob's Big Boy diner on Colorado near Pasadena City College--- another place to usually run into somebody from Van Halen late at night in the '70s. The United Artist move theater where for at least 10 years they played a midnight show of The Song Remains the Same every Saturday night. Oh how many beers I knocked over and rolled down under the seats there! Legendary FM radio station KROQ used to be in Pasadena on Los Robles Ave. KROQ was instrumental in helping catapult many local L.A. bands to national attention. The 'Rose Palace' on Raymond used to be a concert venue in the '70s. Vanilla Fudge, The Who, Santana, and even our boys Led Zeppelin played there. Now they just use the space to decorate floats for the new years Rose Parade.
  6. I overheard this at a bar a few years ago. male patron wearing a fedora hat goes up to the bar: "Can I get a Henny and gin-gin?" (Hennessy & ginger ale) bartender: NO!
  7. Eddie Haskell (Ken Osmond) has left the Beaver house... RIP He was always an inspiration to me, my favorite character on "Leave It To Beaver". I thought it hilarious that in the '70s the actor (Ken Osmond) was rummored to be everyone from porn star John Holmes to Alice Cooper.
  8. Right in my wheel house. I have family from Minnesota so I am well equipped to deal with passive aggressive. "Minnesota nice" ain't so nice.
  9. BINGO! ^^^ (emphasis added) Yes, exactly that! It's called the BIGGER PICTURE. Same way the U.S., Canada, U.K., India, Australia, and New Zealand all were ALLIES of the Soviet Union and Stalin during WW2. Stalin the butcher, who probably was responsible for more deaths than the Third Reich and we made a deal with him. Why? Because at that moment there was a bigger fish to fry. The German rocket scientists (yes some where in the Nazi party) whom became part of our scientific community and our rocket program--- were after the war VERY IMPORTANT because now the "bigger fish" was no longer Hitler, but the USSR. So then in essence we shifted gears.... as we needed to.
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