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  1. It was great they played dazed, i wonder if there were any mistakes as they may have been distracteed by 2 girls fighting about 20 rows from the stage! this was during the fast solo towards the end of the song. they were pulling hair etc then one moved forward and then ended up being pulled over to the side gutter, (presumably where she came from), she must have been completely out of head to do such a silly thing. i remember seeing plant april 88 in town & country smaller tighter venue there was nothing like that going on, there rarely is. on a different note when did they last play go
  2. well done everyone! seems getting our tickets was not too difficult i was lucky as i was in u to z queue! bet everyone wished they were von smith now! i thought the staff were helpful and very tired there should have been much more on hand though when i left at just before 6pm there were still queues i hope they were helped and not turned away there was someone that walked past and said have you got a ticket for sale! i did not see him but i dont think it was HG! i also saw someone who had bought tickets take a friend and then turned round and said im not going; another friend
  3. Great debate! nice one Think that Live Aid was an amazing concept and the pressure on the guys to perform and get it right must have been massive. does anyone remembering watching it in the uk? it was very late and i think unlike the mtv usa broadcast there was no talking over the start of rock n roll! the Atlantic do was much better, i saw plant a month earlier in london and the gig was great and he did 3 led zeps tracks think in the evening and 2 from p.graf?. there is a nice drum sound almost dark, quite nice. as for The 1995 R&R Hall Of fame i found this is a bit noisy and chao
  4. wow philosphical! you guys are incredible! a brilliant example to us all hope everyone does not get too much rain and hassle getting in i am curious how we all get forced to pay a delivery/box off fee! see u all later!
  5. Bit silly having a go at Led Zep when i think they are about the only big reunion band to do a one off charty concert having put in a lot of their own (unpaid) time rehearsing and with publicity and awareness for the event (obviously not everyone is aware of this!). different if he had a go at other big bands ie rolling stones who i believe charged more money at the same o2 venue, it is late and i can not remember what charity that was in aid of!
  6. i know there is a tube station at greenwich jubilee line which is generally reliable and quick so you could pop over the river and check central london etc... think you will find stuff to do and hopefully bump into other LZ fans!
  7. hi ya well done on that no queuing for you then! will be interesting to see how long it takes on sunday.... wonder if the wristbands will different colours? any ideas of timetable of the night? wonder if it will be illegal to sell the tickets after the concert!!! hey leddy nice picture of your tickets by the way! only 1 i have is plant at town and country club april 1988 with it bites supporting, plant did 3 lz tracks, jp did not turn up and kingdom come were in the crowd! met cozy colin powell very nice guy.
  8. hi ya yes that was a good linking! a boring one (well for 1.30am) for you: both groups have reunited and also both do similar lengths of time in their original careers: 1970-1983 TL 1968-1980 LZ regards jay ps found that winters reign lp cover link!: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/WINTERS-REIGN-beginn...4QQcmdZViewItem
  9. hi Roisin Dubh i see that someone nearly said black rose! your icon reminds of a winters reign lp cover.... i always find it fun to link lizzy to most things, can you find a link from led zep to lizzy? regards jay ps im still waiting for a hello myself! maybe i need to change my icon to an lp cover...
  10. Hi everyone! Just signed up and had a quick look round, there seems to be nice sections on the site and plenty of colourful characters! Im in London and I would like to hear from anyone about next Monday (and also Sunday if people are going to pick up tickets in advance). I hope the queue is not too bad, I think it cant be too strong on security checking and double checking etc as there are many thousands of people who could be standing outside waiting. Guess we will wait and see!. I have never been to this new venue which was formerly The Doom, I think. Would be good to hear what the
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