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  1. Wanted to let everyone know that Doug Henthorn just released a new CD of his original music titled Cold Medicine. For those that don't know, Doug and Jason Bonham recorded and played together in the Healing Sixes for 4 years. Doug is also the singer on Joe Bonamassa's excellent Zep cover of Tea For One. CDBaby: Cold Medicine is Doug Henthorn's first solo effort after founding and fronting the band Healing Sixes for nearly 15 years. Recorded over the course of a three year period, Doug put together a concise and efficient record. "I have a great love for album rock and put this together with that in mind. I didn't want a bunch of songs thrown together just to fill up slots on a CD. Cold Medicine is put together to be listened to from beginning to end in one sitting. That's why I feel comfortable with just seven tracks. It's something that the listener can listen to from beginning to end without giving up an entire afternoon." The release is available on itunes, CDBaby, and on Doug's website www.doughenthorn.com in both download and CD formats. Give it a listen - it really is excellent stuff from a voice that should be more widely heard!
  2. Doug Henthorn is the vocalist in Joe Bonamassa's excellent version of Tea For One from his You and Me album. As Doug is an exceptional vocalist / guitarist in his own right, I wanted to put some information out here for everyone to check out. Doug was the leader of the Healing Sixes for 15 years, until the disbanding of that band in Feb. 2102. During that time, the Healing Sixes released 4 excellent albums (all still available on itunes and Amazon). Their 2nd release, Enormosound, also featured Jason Bonham on drums. Since the end of Healing Sixes, Doug has been doing background vocal work for such artists as Joe Bonamassa and John Hiatt - while also writing new songs for his planned first solo album. Here is a link to Doug's recent performance of Tea For One with Joe Bonamassa at the Hammersmith Apollo on Mar 28, 2013. If you enjoy what you see here, or are already a fan of Doug's work, please go to his Facebook page and/or his Website and let him know! Doug's certainly a talent that deserves a wider audience. On Facebook, you can find him at https://www.facebook.com/thehenthornllc His current website is at http://www.doughenthorn.com/ The Healing Sixes website is at http://www.healingsixes.com/ Here are a few more videos for you to enjoy. Thanks everyone, Enjoy!
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