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  1. On 2/25/2017 at 6:32 AM, Tremelo said:

    Jimmy's  black and white suits were theoretically ridiculous. But Jimmy looks fantastic in them. Only he could get away with that. I also think Jimmy is probably my favorite guitar player as far as his presence on stage. You can tell how much he loves the music.  He seems rather shy and quiet  but really comes to life on stage.

    I just don't like them very much at all (the Dragon suits). And I agree with you his stage presence is awesome.

  2. Plants flower shirts and them being open.  Page's dragon suit - the black one and the white one.  JPJ's outfit with the radishes, or,whatever, hanging from the elbow.  

    Richard Cole

    LZ not giving proper credit on some of the blues songs and Dazed and Confused.  It would have stopped a lot of  criticism.  

    John Bindon.

    Presence was to short.  One more good song and it would have done it.

  3. 23 hours ago, the chase said:

    Well they had a summer tour planned that was canceled after Robert's accident. So, right or wrong they booked studio time to keep busy, stay out of the country and record Presence. Robert said he was furious at Jimmy and Peter that he had to be recording at the time and referenced the lyrics to Hots On For Nowhere as a dig at the 2 of them.  

     Can you produce the interview where he said that? 

  4. 7 hours ago, SteveAJones said:

    FFS, I can't believe anyone here is still busting Robert's balls over going to Malibu from Aug to Oct 1975, then on to Munich in November. First of all, he HAD TO leave England to live in tax exile or lose a HUGE sum of money. Secondly, it was thought that Malibu would reinvigorate his spirits AND be conducive to working on their next album. Thirdly, Maureen continued to undergo medical treatment for her fractured pelvis for the remainder of the year. Finally, if I'm not mistaken Carmen was attending school. He returned home by Christmas 1975, yet some of you guys make it sound as if he abandoned them. Give it a rest already?


    Sentinel Star (Orlando, FL) (February 17, 1976)

    Like I said before:  I think it's  true that Plant wanted to keep his money more than  be with his family...

  5. On 3/22/2013 at 1:22 AM, Sagittarius Rising said:

    The 70's were a magical time in America. There was a freedom of youth that had never occurred and would never occur again. Most teens in the 70's were seekers of some sort, influenced by the hope of the 60's yet young enough to ignore Manson, Altamont, Vietnam, etc and consider them a fluke. Though I was just a kid in the 70's I had cousins 10 and 20 years my senior as guides to this amazing place and I have very vivid memories indeed. I remember being pretty much free from five years old on, playing with my friends and not worrying if some asshole was going to rape and kill us because we were smart enough to travel in groups and run from strangers. Adults were our friends and looked after us and we respected and listened to them. It was unusual in the fact that we all hoped for something better, had such open minds and gathered influences from many a diverse source the world became an open book. Of course some people got hurt, but the majority had fun and learned a thing or two along the way. Sex was fun and light hearted, compared to a return to the 50's moral code of the late 80's & 90's people just did not take things so damn seriously.


    I wish I could explain in vivid detail what it was like in the 70's, I guess an accurate description would be the old Coke commercials where everyone is singing in a summer field, or the old RC commercials. People cared and loved but also knew when to let go and walk away, these days a boy dates a girl once and they are "together???" It's no longer fun, just one big pain in the ass. I really feel sorry for the generations post-70's because all they know is.....

    I'm sorry but this is a load of crap.  I was around in the 70's.

  6. 15 hours ago, ThreeSticks said:

    I don't know....Robert had been w/ "homewreckers" many times over since the first tour of the US. He was married very young. Blaming him for his affair with Audrey is a little ridiculous considering Led Zep's lifestyle and work life. I think a lot of what we can call conventional morality really doesn't apply here. I mean, this is a band who after Robert got in a serious auto accident in 1975 that almost killed himself and especially his wife, and that really hurt his kids, put Robert in tax exile within days despite the fact that his wife was on the verge of dying.  The reason? He would've lost millions of dollars if he had stayed in Britain. It just seems like a life that is so unrelated to what normal people go through. What most of us see as conventional morality needs to be reconsidered in this case. These guys were almost never at home until Robert's kid died in 1977.

    No one put RP in tax exile but RP himself.

  7. On 3/21/2013 at 11:33 PM, Melcórë said:


    The first part is an excuse - "that's the way it is." Bullshit. They could abstain - the fault is on them, not the business.


    Isn't it a judgment to say that people are "pathetic"?

    I agree - they could have stayed faithful.  If they wanted to screw every slut while out on the road then they could have divorced and just been a free agent.  Of course Jimmy wasn't married but had a child with a lady so he was committing to her on some level.

    i was sorta surprised to hear how much Aubrey got around.  She isn't mentioned much with the other groupies like Sweet Connie, Pamela, etc.  I've never read anything about her so to hear she travelled with the Stones, Kiss, etc. surprised me but maybe it shouldn't have.

    Robert was as much of a dog as anyone but seems to at least these days to respect the ladies that were in his life back then, like Michelle Overman (see her on YouTube).  But he still can't commit- he was crazy about Patty Griffin for a few years but must have grew tired cause he up and left her, saying he wanted to go home and hang out at the corner pub.... and she is a fabulous lady (trust me).  So he'll probably grow old alone and that is sad.  

    Speaking of Maureen - RP had a baby with her sister, Shirley,  jeez how low class is that to screw your ex sister in law.  That is some low crap.  And who is surprised RP or JP didn't have any children with any of these road girls?  I am.

    "Miss" Pamela - is she mentally ill?  Groupies are known to be obsessed individuals who have faced serious adverse childhood experiences, such as abusive or addicted parents, or maternal neglect.

  8. 4 hours ago, woz70 said:

    In 1975/76 the income tax rate in the UK for earnings over £20,000 was 83%.  Basically this means that for every £1 they earned (over £20,000) they got to keep 17p.  (Tax on earnings up to £20,000 would have left them with a tax bill of around £13,000.  So - earn £20,000 and take home £7,000). 

    As an example, let's pretend that they earned £250,000 in one year - a lot of money in 1975, but not inconceivable for them at the time:
    First £20,000 you get to keep about £7000 (actually a little more, but I'm keeping it simple).
    That leaves £230,000 to pay 83% tax on - a tax bill of £190,900.
    That left them with £39,100, plus the £7000 kept before the higher rate:  A total of $46,100 they get to keep.... well actually it would be less than this too, because I've not allowed for National Insurance contributions (which , despite being called 'contributions' are actually compulsory).

    That's a total payment to the taxman of £203,900 from earnings of £250,000.

    I honestly don't think Grant 'forced' them to go into tax exile - I'm sure he would have just given them the best advice, which would have been 'get out of dodge or the taxman takes pretty much everything you've earned'.
    Their earnings and the taxman forced them into tax exile.
    You don't have to be a genius to look at those figures and think that they probably thought for themselves: 'why do I have to give 4/5ths of what I earned to the taxman.  What can I do to avoid this?'.

    I think it's just true that Plant wanted to keep his money more than  be with his family. Why didn't you take his family with him to Switzerland or LA so the family could be together?  but he chose to go alone.    His wife  could have convalesced somewhere else in Europe.    I think in the end Bonzo decided to stay home and said screw the money. 

  9. On 2/19/2017 at 8:40 PM, zooma said:

    I quite disagree. John Paul Jones has never been better than he is now, in either his musicianship or creativity. Just wait until he releases The Goast Sonata until you make that judgement. Robert  has continued to be creative as well even though his path has not been in expectation with many of his long time fans. Jimmy has been the only one who retired, which is fine too. I just wish he would comes to grip with it and stop leading naive people on.

     We can agree to disagree. While I am a big John Paul Jones fan and he is an excellent musician there's not a whole lot of his musical content that I want to listen to often.    I rather dislike Robert's last album and I can't even stomach to listen to that Maggie song.  I'm also rather tired of the Moroccan or African sound that he tries to "plant" in his music.

  10. 17 hours ago, ThreeSticks said:

    Plus, Plant probably put his foot down after the death of his son that he was staying in England with his family regardless of the taxes. As I recall he was deeply resentful of Grant and Co. of forcing them to relocate to L.A. after the accident in Greece. His wife was really, really hurt as were his kids.



     I don't know if Grant and company forced him into tax exile....

  11.  All of  the former members of Led Zeppelin are entering a time in their lives where their creativity is gone or nearly gone.

      But if Jimmy page wanted to play  in front of an audience he certainly could do so. A musician of his caliber does not forget how to play the guitar. There are plenty of projects he could participate in without it being around a new bunch of new material.  

  12. On 7/26/2013 at 6:05 AM, Luca850 said:

    Hi everybody,

    this is the first time that I write here... english is not my first language, so forgive me for any errors :blush:

    I'd like to realize a replica of one of the Jimmy Page's suit (from 1973 live concerts)...

    is there anyone out there who knows where I can find some good pics of Jimmy Page's "Rose embroidered jacket" (anyone knows who is the tailor?)


    Thank you very much



    I really like this look for Jimmy, much better than the dragon suit or the poppy suit...jeans with this jacket and the hair look great.  What year was this?  I never liked the TSRTS outfit.

  13. 4 hours ago, IpMan said:

    There is also the painful fact that different members preferred different drugs by the point of the 77' tour. Jimmy was doing heroin & booze, Bonham & Plant liked coke, and Jones liked the chronic. This is also a reason why they could be out of synch sometimes on this tour especially if one or more overindulged before the gig.

    Then there is the infamous Chicago 9th 1977 gig that was stopped about an hour or so in. Jimmy collapsed on stage and though the band tried to play it off as food poisoning, it was Richard Cole (I believe) who said Jimmy in fact almost died from an OD. The good doctor they retained for the tour was not there just to provide party favors, but Naloxone (Narcan) as well if needed.

    It really is pure luck Jimmy did not pull a Marc Bolan in 77'.

    What is the chronic?

  14. Hey, Hey Whay Can I Do is excellent in my opinion.  In the late 70's early 80's they played it often on rock radio in Detroit.  I remember Jimmy in an interview just after Outrider was released....he was taking questions from callers and someone asked about this song,  his reaction was almost like he'd forgotten about it.  I'd love to hear that interview again.  

    Regardless, it should have been on Coda because the only way to buy this up to that point was to buy the Japanese import.  It would have really made Coda better.  

  15. On 1/13/2017 at 3:44 AM, duckman said:

    Didn't Jimmy complain about Robert's ' lack of personal hygiene' during the early days? It's been quite a while, but I think that is the only thing/quibble between Jimmy and Robert  I can remember from the 'Hammer of the Gods'

    I don't think it said that.  It just said Robert was sent out to buy some deodorant, he had been up screwing all night after a show, , it didn't say by whom.

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