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  1. I can't believe the full Whole Lotta Love medley wasn't included in this remaster. They really missed the plot with this one I'm afraid.
  2. Is the Super Deluxe box set for this re-release going to have the numbered prints like the original box sets did?
  3. Man, I never thought I'd say this but I think I actually like the Alternate Mix of Immigrant Song better than the Classic Mix. The lack of reverb makes Jimmy's chords sound much sharper and the multiple layers of Roberts vocals at the end make the song sound more psychedelic.
  4. So, does anyone else here love listening to video game music? I have a serious passion for it. These are some of my favorites from different games.
  5. That's The Way (Rough Mix with Dulcimer) is amazing. I love how the lack of Tambourine and Bass at the outro breathes a different life into the song. It's absolutely glorious.
  6. Hearing the new remasters is seriously making me crave to hear the remastered version of I'm Gonna Crawl. Dear oh dear how I cannot wait to hear that crispy, raunchy heart-throbbing guitar solo in high definition.
  7. I was giving an insight into my passion/love for music and I pretty much based my presentation around Zeppelin in this assignment. This photo is of me as I was doing it.
  8. Wow, really? Four Sticks is my favorite track on Zeppelin IV to be honest.
  9. This is a hidden gem in Physical Graffiti, a song that just doesn't get enough attention in my opinion. It's a curious song though, can anybody shed some light on the development/story behind this song? It's such a wonderful tune, I absolutely love Jimmy's guitar in this. All I know about the song is that there was an acoustic version when Plant and Page retired to Bron-Yr-Aur when they were working on Zep III which I have listened to, and that the song was influenced by a Neil Young song "Down By The River". Does anyone know anything more about it? Any quotes by the band members or anything at all would be great. It's been bugging me ever since I first heard this song many years ago and it still is.
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