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  1. I can't believe the full Whole Lotta Love medley wasn't included in this remaster. They really missed the plot with this one I'm afraid.
  2. Is the Super Deluxe box set for this re-release going to have the numbered prints like the original box sets did?
  3. I just listened to the We're Gonna Groove Alternate Mix. I'm sure it's set to piss off a lot of people lol.
  4. It came up to $455 AUD after currency conversion for me. I too, am ordering from Australia. These last three box-sets are insanely expensive, but I already own the other six... I feel obligated to complete the collection. Did you actually pay $310 AUD or USD?
  5. Have the price on the last three boxsets reduced at all since they were first put up?
  6. I've always felt that Plant was proud of his legacy with Led Zeppelin, but in a way he wanted to move on from it and not just to be known as the vocalist from Led Zeppelin. I mean he established his solo career, but I think he shows his pride of Zeppelin work through playing Zeppelin songs with the SSS.
  7. Has anyone got a link to the listening event that's been saved? I can't find it anywhere. I didn't get the chance to catch it live.
  8. To be honest I'm heartbroken that we aren't getting an alternate mix of Down By The Seaside on PG. Would have loved to have heard a studio recorded acoustic outtake of that song. I'm craving to see an alternate mix of I'm Gonna Crawl from ITTOD. But here's hoping that the Coda companion disc will feature a few unreleased tracks.
  9. lol. This pretty much sums up the whole thread. Who gives a flying shit as to who Jimmy is dating? I can't believe this is even news. Sigh.
  10. Personally I have always envisioned Presence as having a dark green theme. As is below.
  11. A studio recorded acoustic version of 'Down By The Seaside' on the Physical Graffiti companion disc, and a studio outtake of 'As Long as I Have You' on the Coda companion disc and my life would be complete.
  12. I have an inkling that Physical Graffiti will be released by itself in two box-sets, or one giant box-set.
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