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  1. Thanks Wally! I'll pass it along to our manager!
  2. Howdy! Some of the ancient ones on this forum know me, but for those of you that have only been around for 7 years or less I'm a newbie. I was a member of what is know as "the old board" and was one of the first few on this one, but dropped out after a year or so... life happened! LOL!! I have been a guitarist and studied the playing of Jimmy Page for longer than some of you have been alive and still enjoy playing all of the great music of Led Zeppelin. At one point in my life I thought I would turn my music career and love of Zeppelin's music into one neat package by joining a LZ tribute act. I had all the guitars, the gear and was proficient at performing Jimmy Page's parts. In 2004 something happened to change all that..... While at a "Achilles Last Stand" forum generated "ZepStock", I was introduced to LedZepagain. They were hired to play for us in San Diego near Mission Beach and played a blistering four hour set and I knew at that moment that it was never to be for me. A year later they met Jimmy Page at The House Of Blues in L.A. and he confirmed my thoughts! I have kept in touch with these guys over the years and they are still the best... but that's where Janis comes in... In these past few years I concentrated on original rock projects with some marginal success, but this year had a surgery that went bad. It has incapacitated me for 7 months and kept me here at home in Seattle. I heard that an acquaintance, the female frontperson of a popular Tacoma outfit had started a Janis Joplin tribute act and my immediate thoughts were, "Hey, I'd fit right in"! I never pursued it further, but last Summer went to a friend's BBQ party and their manager was there and apparently figured out that I was in less than three bands momentarily. He contacted me and set up an audition the following week and it took them 15 minutes to decide to hire me. The debut show is in Tacoma, WA at Jazzbones on December 5th. You can find ticket info on Jazzbones' FB page or at our website: http://www.janislives.com Thanks for reading and I hope you check us out! We will be playing clubs and casinos in the West Coast the first half of 2015.
  3. Just came by out of respect to Levee's memory. I wish him peace.
  4. Hey Danny!! Fellow Seattle guitarist here!! Scotty from sevens Revenge!! I totally love you guys!!! Hope to catch a show soon!
  5. I'm looking like a newbie right now, but was on the board before this "official" one and originally one of the first on this board. I'm a guitarist from Seattle, Wa and currently play in a band called Sevens Revenge. We have been together a little over a year and recorded an album called "Distortion Of Reality", placed 42nd in the global Hard Rock Rising competition which involved 12,000 bands worldwide and got signed to a small, independent record label called Tin Star Records. Here's our website which has links to all of our stuff! Hope you take a few minutes to check us out and please, comment if you want! Peace!! http://www.sevensrevenge.com
  6. Thanks ledded1.... I remember you as paulzep1, Knebby and Lakey well... even though it has been many years! I've been spending my days doing more working and playing guitar, rather than rattling about on discussion boards, but this was an old favorite and I often found myself missing it!
  7. Pleasure to be here once again, Knebby!! Thank you for the kind welcome!
  8. Thanks for the reply, Lakey!! I doubt many would remember me. Peace to you!
  9. Dancing Days will always be it for me...hearing about how the band joyfully celebrated after recording the tracks!
  10. I'm back after many years gone. Wondering if anyone is still here from back in 2000 thru 2005 or so... I'm touring with my band Sevens Revenge out of Tacoma Washington, USA! Love to hear from any friends that might still be here!! Thanks!
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