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  1. maybe if they work moby dick into the set for one song,but that's it! show Jason live and a bonzo on hologram!
  2. I Sure hope to hell NOT!!! they went out warriors in 2007,they should leave it that way! I love led zeppelin dearly,but it can never be the same without bonzo playing drums!
  3. Page - steady enough in the beginning. Best night was perhaps Vienna, showing fluency even in White Summer (an exception is the Boogie Chillin within WLL, a train wreak). First night in Mannheim is a low point, struggles throughout. Berlin is also not in the hall of fame. I Think page was probably at full addiction to smack and coke then,and Bonham collapsed like 10 mns into one show in Germany after eating something like 20 banannas. in my view,page and Bonham both needed rehab,but nobody had the balls( including peter grant) to sit them down and tell them that. plant and jones may have tri
  4. I Would have loved to see them drop since I've been loving you and added tea for one cause I thought it was a better song. would have also loved to see them throw in a version of in the light,and who knows? maybe had bonzo lived,maybe they would have!? Carouselambra would have really been hard to pull off,so I doubt they would ever do it from start to finish,maybe they could have done it as part of a medley of different songs like page and plant did in 1995.
  5. They should leave it as it is after putting on such a great show in 2007.led zeppelin has always had dignity unlike the stones and the who who have beaten and continue beating a dead horse after all these years,lynyrd skynyrd too!
  6. To me,he just did not look sharp,and he did not play sharp either! I also thought he just was not himself on the Ronnie lane tour either.
  7. I never bought a bootleg,i either traded for them or got them off the internet!dvds and cds too!
  8. the biggest problem The Firm had was the simple fact it was page's 1st band after led zeppelin disbanded! how are you really gonna top a group arguably the best group in history? and no offense to the guys in the firm,especially the drummer and the bass player were nowhere nearly as talented as bonzo and jonesy were.
  9. I Like Kashmir better,but I think that stairway to heaven is a once in a lifetime song to write with all the intertwining of electric and acoustic guitar.also do not know of two many rock songs that are performed and perfected like that one was.no drum into at least 3 mns holding it out until the perfect time to bring it in.
  10. I Never thought of it that way,and I doubt if plant did either!
  11. not coming out until august! could a remastered LZ4 with bonus tracks be far behind it?
  12. I am glad they said no because it would have been worse than the live aid and the 1988 reunion combined! obviously,bill Clinton does not have the respect of everybody in the world!
  13. I liked the Russian led zeppelin iv better cause it is so unique cover wise!
  14. I got the single on an import rack with a bunch of marked down lps for 1 dollar in the 1970s!
  15. wasn't it today in 1988 that the awful led zep reunion took place at the atlantic 40th anniversary party in nyc?
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