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  1. If Jim Morrison had lived, The Doors would still be touring today as a shitty nostalgia act, much like The Who, The Stones, and The Beach Boys.
  2. I'd much rather see Beck (not Jeff Beck) tour with The Beach Boys.. Now THAT would be combo worthy of the ages.
  3. Hmm if you don't think rap is "music", I'd really suggest listening to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West in it's entirety. It's an amazing piece of genius music.
  4. Beginning To See the Light - The Velvet Underground
  5. I agree my man, some music just seems built to be listened to while drunk or high.. Of course, I can't really list any rap artists that I think are like this (except, of course the ones I listen to) because most of that time I hear the buzz-music while at a party.
  6. Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance - Bob Dylan
  7. So.. I know this might not be the best place to start a "Rap Thread", but, oh well. Lately I've been trying to get into rap, but I haven't been having much success.. But here are a few of the songs I have found that I like, for one reason or another: Thin Line - Macklemore Thought Process - Goodie Mob http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLk7TymqAcs F**kin' Problems -A$AP Rocky Solo Dolo - Kid Cudi Post your favorite rap tunes or artists.. Let's see if we can't get some good quality artists.
  8. Ghosts In Empty Houses - Jukebox the Ghost
  9. These Things Take Time - The Smiths
  10. Thanks for the suggestion, but, I've tried The X-Files, and it's much too slow and episodic in it's early episodes.
  11. I'm not sure where to ask this.. But, how come one cannot view banned member's profiles? Whenever I see someone has been banned, I'm always curious to see why.. but on these forums I am unable to.
  12. Thought I might ask this here.. What tv series should I watch from beginning-to-end next? I want something of quality with some manner of on-going storyline that will make me feel like I didn't waste my time when it's all over (so nothing like Cheers or Law and Order). I just finished SIx Feet Under, and I'm considering one of the following: The Sopranos, The Wire, or Entourage, but I'm open to any suggestions as long as the series is already over, and is of quality.
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