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  1. New Physical Graffiti cover photo on Facebook page. Should be soon!
  2. In addition to the home we live in, we also have three rentals, one of which is empty. This is where she thought he lived. Most of my schoolmates are married (I went back for my doctorate after 20 years). I've thought about a roommate. I can say that it is VERY hard to make these kinds of changes after being so used to my way of life after so many years. I would never have imagined being in this predicament. It's especially hard when I've had to concentrate so much on passing my boards, getting licensed, and starting a whole new career. It feels like I still take two steps back for every s
  3. Just finished school in May so my loan payments will start in November. Just wouldn't be able to afford the house on my own. But if it comes down to it, yes I own the house (and pretty much everything else). That's really why I never got married. I always wanted to be in the advantageous position in the event of a break-up. Worked out well until I went back to school. But still not so bad. I know so many are in worse situations that I am, so I will try not to wallow in self-pity for too long. I have my health, a good job, my terminal degree, etc, etc.
  4. Thank you all for the support and advice. I have finally gotten a good night's sleep and feel somewhat better. We will see a counselor to see if we have anything to salvage at this point. Not sure how that will go. But I have let his other girlfriend know about me and she has ousted him. Either we can fix it or we can't. If not I will have to sell or lose my house, which will most definitely suck. But I guess I will do whatever I have to do.
  5. Oh Nobody's Fault But Mine... Presence was probably not the best choice!
  6. Just finished HOTH and now on Presence. Thanks all for the replies. Just feel lost. Don't really feel like sleeping anyway. 17 years is a long time to me. Almost half my life spent with him. Dazed and Confused May help as that's how I feel. Wouldn't wish this on anyone.
  7. Probably not the best place for this but just need to air it and al FB friends are asleep (3:30 am here). Had an awakening to boyfriend of 17 years cheating for past five years. Kicked his arse out tonight. Can't sleep. Having a tough time. Sitting here listening to Zeppelin to try and bring myself out of this funk. This is the first time Zeppelin has not brought me out so far. Anyone have any words of wisdom, I sure could use them right about now.
  8. Offense taken! I am a nurse and a nurse practitioner and I am none of the things you have noted. I know hundreds of kind and attractive nurses who are NOT gold diggers (myself included). Lay your stereotypes elsewhere please!
  9. I know very little about producing; however, I would say that the quality of everything he has produced (that I have heard) always sounds beyond the quality of other music of the same time period. (I hope I am making sense). These remasters are no exception! I have listened in headphones and surround sound and I am amazed. So many little nuances that I haven't heard in prior releases/remasters. And I agree about Zep III. I have always LOVED his playing in Out on the Tiles. And this version without vocals... I thought no other version of SIBLY would beat my favorite from HTWWW. But this one i
  10. Totally agreed. I would rather see them fight this all the way and wait for my copy. It may be moot though because I just read that the involved lawyer is in trouble over some bad behavior during a suit against Usher and the judge in that case is recommending that he be disbarred.
  11. Thanks for this aen! I LOVE interviews where no stupid questions are posed and you can really hear his passion for his music. It makes me all that more excited for these reissues.
  12. If I weren't graduating myself that weekend I would probably have begged onto the trip. Or hidden in the trunk of his car.
  13. I work with someone who is attending for a family member's graduation. From what he says there will be a speech but he is not sure about performance. If he brings me back any photos, I will post.
  14. It's $50 for one day. Got my tickets last week.
  15. ^^^ I haven't been to NO in a few years but we just decided to drive down (from Pittsburgh) for this.
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