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  1. Offense taken! I am a nurse and a nurse practitioner and I am none of the things you have noted. I know hundreds of kind and attractive nurses who are NOT gold diggers (myself included). Lay your stereotypes elsewhere please!
  2. I know very little about producing; however, I would say that the quality of everything he has produced (that I have heard) always sounds beyond the quality of other music of the same time period. (I hope I am making sense). These remasters are no exception! I have listened in headphones and surround sound and I am amazed. So many little nuances that I haven't heard in prior releases/remasters. And I agree about Zep III. I have always LOVED his playing in Out on the Tiles. And this version without vocals... I thought no other version of SIBLY would beat my favorite from HTWWW. But this one is incredible! And BBC Sessions-also a favorite. I don't know how he does it but he gets my vote for best producer. He is a stratosphere above others. Especially now when quantity outweighs quality and music just isn't what it used to be. This is definitely quality first.
  3. Totally agreed. I would rather see them fight this all the way and wait for my copy. It may be moot though because I just read that the involved lawyer is in trouble over some bad behavior during a suit against Usher and the judge in that case is recommending that he be disbarred.
  4. ^^^ Dave go back one page. The t-shirt with Virgin Mary.
  5. Neal was flown to Minneapolis and taken directly to the arena having never met the band yet. When he arrived they were playing The Rover or Custard Pie. He was told by Danny to go on stage and start taking pictures. This was one that he took before having been introduced to the band. He said that he felt that the look Jimmy was giving him was "sizing him up" and trying to figure out why they had hired him. I just thought that was interesting because that is kind of what it looks like to me.
  6. He tells a nice story about that photo in his ebook.
  7. Going back to school for my Doctorate. I guess I should wait until I am done in May to be proud!
  8. ^^^ In pittsburgh it started just a few minutes late. No opening band before Jason Bonham. 3 hours total for us.
  9. I am a nurse. Tinnitus is very common (about 20% of population has some varying degree). It can be caused by anything from certain medications (Tylenol, Aspirin), early hearing loss, ear wax, vitamin deficiencies, ear infections, to much more serious causes. It is best to have your ears looked at and hearing checked by an audiologist before thinking of more serious causes. There are several treatments but all are by prescription including tinnitus retraining therapy (actually has a very high success rate).
  10. I had a super bad day today and this just gave me the giggle I needed! I was thinking a thread "Who's fault is it?" in Zep Polls.
  11. Agree with both. My mother recently told me to get a life (then she bought me tickets to the Pittsburgh Symphony performs the Music of LZ and the Jason Bonham/Heart concert!). And I told my boyfriend to leave and not return until he could name all four band members correctly (He actually called them "the one with the long black hair, the one with the long blonde hair, and the other two!).
  12. Here's the review from the Post-Gazette. It was a wonderful show! It never ceases to amaze me how many Zeppelin fans there are in this area. LOTS of Heart fans too. http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/ae/music-reviews/heart-bonham-pay-glorious-tribute-to-zeppelin-696416/
  13. One more day until the Pittsburgh Symphony / Music of LZ. And 4 more days until JBLZE. Busy week ahead but can't wait. Thanks for the awesome pics and videos! I will post if I get any good ones but my seats are nowhere near that close (a birthday gift from my parents).
  14. I knew that I read this somewhere also but didn't have time to find it until this evening. Even though the discussion is moot, here is the quote that I found in Tangents: Jimmy added, "When I viewed the film I realised there was insufficient footage so in 1975, having learnt from viewing the film so far I wanted to tour again returning to America to re-shoot some concerts but Robert's accident in Rhodes prevented this and we finished up the film making the best we could of the existing material, so it isn't the best that we possibly could do."
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