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  1. Another from Dougie Corrance's archive: Another shot from my archive, early 1970s. Jimmy Page with Boleskine graveyard and Loch Ness in the background.
  2. That is amazing that you have the press clippings
  3. Thank you for the comments. I'm not the photographer. Douglas Corrance is. The photo looks very similar to one in Page's book when he arrived clean shaven in Australia which is dated 1972. It is great to see a photo of Barrington Coleby whose art work has to have been viewed by millions of people yet he remains quite anonymous. Thanks Eamonn
  4. Archived photo by Dougie Corrance : Archiving 57 years of my photographs... Inverness 1971, leaving the Town Hall is Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page and to his right, Malcolm Dent (campaigner) and to his left, artist Barry Colby, who created the image of the Hermit on Led Zeppelin 4 album. This was taken during the court case Jimmy brought against the Electricity Board, and succeeded in preventing pylons spoiling the landscape around Loch Ness.
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