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  1. I have read in the Rolling Stones that members of Zeppelin and Black Sabbath were good friends. Plus there was times when Bonzo would sit in on drums with Sabbath during rehearsals. Has any recordings ever been found of this?
  2. If Led Zeppelin was going to come out with another live Album. I would love to hear Zurich 1980 concert. Very good, very tight, very raw zeppelin.
  3. NQ, that jam the three did blew me away when I first heard it. That was when I knew at a very young age of 15, Led Zeppelin is the best rock and roll band ever to form. some can say Pink Floyd, others might say the Who, they are great, but in my opinion none of those bands came close to Zeppelin.
  4. I was a little disappointed to with the version of Kashmir because I could not hear the difference, from the original. Having said that I am just happy that I have completed my collection of Led Zeppelin studio albums. I don't care much for bootlegs, though there is some live gems from those 1977 bootlegs that I love. Example would be the live Kashmir and sick again are Awesome.
  5. I do not like his remakes of classic zeppelin tunes. Just doesn't sound right.
  6. In my opinion, I think some of these comments miss the point about the 1980 shows. Robert Plant as we all know did not want to tour or even be in rock music after the lost of his son. If it wasn't for Bonzo always dropping by to encourage him to comeback, 1977 would have been the end of Zeppelin. The Europe tour of 1980 was more for the band, to get to know each other again (musically I mean) and some of the shows the band was on fire. Robert Plant got the light in his eyes again, and they where ready to reclaim what was theirs( Best band in the world) Sadly they never got that chance. Back to
  7. I would loved to seen Led Zeppelin Live. to young. I think Led Zeppelin would have released any decent concert footage if any was available. None was for the 1977 shows, except the Seattle 1977 show, plus let me remind you, the band was not in good shape for the second half of the tour, Kzok DJ Steve Salton got to meet and greet the band before the concert and said Jimmy was wasted, and played sloppy throughout the show. Robert Plant was complaining that he was def in one ear. I don't want to watch my favorite band play like shit. I am happy with the DVD we do have. What would be cool if Led Z
  8. I thought Coda was a drop. I can understand Page was still hurting at the time, but that album doesn't do the greatest rock band justice. In through the outdoor I thought was great, just the title was hard to understand. Awesome album.
  9. My favorite rough mix's 1. The Epic 2. if it keeps on raining 3. hots on for nowhere 4. friends. 5. every body makes it through 6. No quarter ( working Mix) 7. Over the hill and far away. 8. La La ( because Bonzo)
  10. The led Zeppelin 3 companion disk is worth it's weight in gold. Coda companion disk rocks. All the others are lame and not worth a second listen. Page enough already.
  11. I was disappointed with physical graffiti, why put driving through Kashmir? What's the point? The companion disks are not very interesting. I completely understand the remastered version is kinda clearer but not that big of a difference from the other remastered versions.
  12. Seattle 1975 consider there best show on that tour.
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