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  1. What is the best Led Zeppelin concert recording or bootleg?
  2. Do you guys think the o2 Kashmir was the best ever? Or was it the 1979 Knebworth?
  3. JaredR59

    Outrider opinions

    I personally like Outrider I think has more of Jimmy's hard rock and bluesy feel. Unlike some of Robert's later projects. (I enjoy Robert's solo career as well)
  4. I am curious of your opinions on Jimmy Page's best solo(s).
  5. JaredR59

    Stairway or Kashmir

    Which do you think is better Stairway to Heaven or Kashmir?
  6. JaredR59

    Led Zeppelin's Finest Moment

    What do you guy think is Led Zeppelin's finest moment. For me it's this:
  7. JaredR59

    Reunion Questions

    At what point do you think a Led Zeppelin reunion could be completely ruled out? Such as if the members become too old. What about the possibility of a new album instead of a reunion concert.
  8. JaredR59

    Led Zeppelin was copied!

    Who else here thinks Rival Sons-Pressure and Time is a ripoff of Out on the Tiles.
  9. JaredR59

    2014 reunion?

    Robert Plant recently said that he has nothing to do in 2014. Do you think that if Robert was open to another reunion that Jimmy or John would be on board as well.
  10. What do you think is Led Zeppelin's best rendition of a song. My personal opinion is this:
  11. Wait... Is this real?????
  12. JaredR59

    O2 Kashmir Best Ever?

    LOL, Is that Puff Daddy with Jimmy Page?
  13. JaredR59

    Led Zeppelin Vinyl

    Does Led Zeppelin sound best on vinyl?
  14. JaredR59

    Best Led Zeppelin concert recording

    Is Live Blueberry Hill the only time Led Zeppelin performed Out on the Tiles? Other than the intro to Black Dog and Moby Dick.
  15. JaredR59

    Outrider opinions

    Jimmy's Stairway to Heaven performances on the Outrider tour were the best up to that point. Definitely better than for example the ARMS stairway rendition.
  16. JaredR59

    Robert's Vocals

    What year or show do you think Robert was at his vocal peak?
  17. JaredR59

    Led Zeppelin Vinyl

    That's nice but I actually want a serious answer.
  18. JaredR59

    Best Led Zeppelin Rendition

    I have seen that it is really good!
  19. JaredR59

    Best Led Zeppelin Rendition

    Also if you're not going give an opinion don't just spam!
  20. JaredR59

    Best Led Zeppelin Rendition

    Whenever I search a 404 error comes up.
  21. JaredR59

    Best Led Zeppelin Rendition

    This is a close second Communication Breakdown from Hawaii in 1970. Robert's vocals are unbelievable!
  22. Of the two Knebworth performances which was better? Also, which performance was on the Led Zeppelin DVD.