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  1. I'd love to be counted in to get a flac link for this when it's complete!
  2. Could I get a flac link, please? No access to dime.
  3. I personally would love to see more uploads of new releases like the Pareidolia Paradigm box set, which I can't find anywhere. Another thing we (I) would like to see is fresh transfers of tapes at 24/96 transfers. Maybe there could be more of a way to share these releases privately rather than just throwing them on these torrent/file sharing sites.
  4. I’m listening to the DADGAD version now. The sound is perfectly enjoyable. The show is a lot of memorable parts and it really does seem like it’s not getting much attention.
  5. I don’t think Southampton is their best, but it is one that I play quite often. And it’s not just because of the sound. Black dog is fantastic. Since I’ve been loving you is played emotionally. Dazed is not remarkable, but excellent during the listen. My personal favorite Than You. Hmmt/cb, of course. The intimate feeling. It just deserves a special place in my listening habits.
  6. Awesome news on the transfer. I hope it is kept at 24/96 when uploaded. I personally find that just about every 24/96 transfer I have is definitive for me.
  7. The best version to my ears is 1-22-73. The sound is excellent and the solo is absolutely outstanding.
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