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  1. Haha hey Pagesbow, nah you didn't scare me off - I grew up near Cornwall and with some of the inbred types that lurk down here, it takes a lot to scare me these days...! I jest... sort of! I don't post on these forums a lot, but do occasionally nip back! Mostly in search of JPJ related stuff, but often to no avail Haha sadly the Mr Blobby themetune didn't make an appearance at the festival, though it definitely should have - I will keep it in mind for future gigs - if anyone ever shouts 'bass solo' that is def what I am going to pull out of the bag!
  2. I personally think he looks great now, the spikey 'do really suits him and makes him look a lot younger!
  3. Haha that is not a bad idea actually re the fingerless gloves - not so sure i'd have the same luck with mittens mind, they might get in the way of playing a little bit!!! I'm playing a festival this weekend which will be fun in these seemingly Artic-esque conditions, so the fingerless gloves will def make an appearance then! Glad you enjoyed it All my love is actually one of my fave tunes and that little solo of JPJ's is great fun to play! Thank you Reswati, glad you enjoyed it! It was a fun one to figure out! Thanks Ross! Not sure whether my brain will remember how to pl
  4. I agree Aja is a great album - lots of top musicianship going on there! Like a fair bit of Steely Dan but some of it is a bit harder to get into for me - not noisy enough ( ; and haha I might actually start wearing fingerless gloves live at this rate as it is so sodding cold over here in the UK! Here's another vid i've just put up if anyone fancies a nose too of the keys solo in All my love... Cheers! Sophie
  5. Hey Pagesbow, haha I've only just realised that 'Zep Head' isn't your username... what a moron I am. Anyway, yeah I've heard Peg - like a fair bit of Steely Dan stuff, never thought about covering it - will have a nosey, I think it was Chuck Rainey who played on a lot of Steely Dan stuff and he is an incredible bass player!
  6. Cheers guys, glad you like it. And Haha thanks Zep Head - my hair has certainly seen better days, however...! As for the fingerless gloves - unfortunately I have no choice but to wear them to play - my house is so hideously cold my hands struggle to play bass fast enough!
  7. Hi all, I've been getting into transcribing some of JPJ's solo stuff recently, the guy is my absolute hero on the bass and figured it was about time someone deciphered his solo stuff - so here's my interpretation on his groovy, improvised solo on 'Bass N Drums' taken from Zooma... figured this, a Zep forum, would be as good a place as any to share it! Planning on putting a few more up in the future too. Hope you enjoy and feel free to share it wherever if it does indeed tickle your fancy?! Check it out, let me know what ye reckons... Big love to JPJ. Cheers, S.
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