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  1. Yes born in West Bromwich. I suspect he supports Wolverhampton Wanderers or Wolves (who are actually fierce rivals to West Bromwich Albion) because back in the fifties Wolves were the much more successful team winning the league a couple of times...although there could be another reason. I think his roots are firmly in the West Midlands - Kidderminster (Shropshire) and Stourbridge are both towns not far from his home town. I believe he has a house in Shropshire not far from Kidderminster.
  2. Yep - from what I have read about the Stones Jagger and Richards were certaintly members of the self preservation society. Even with Ronnie Wood he very seldom gets a songwriting credit yet in the Faces he was a major contributor on that front.
  3. I was recently bought a book called "Rock Atlas" whichh covers rock landmarks in the UK. I know there have been many threads suggesting places to visit so I haven't created a new one and decided to post here instead. I have taken the following from the book with a couple of extras that I know about. Anyone visiting the UK can choose which ones would be of interest - bearing in mind that some of these are now private houses. Hope this is of some use to Zep Heads who wish to visit the UK: Hampshire (South East England): Headley Grange: Where some of Zeppelin's best work was created. Also used by Fleedwood Mac, Genesis and others Location: just south of the B3002, Liphook road, Headeley - post code GU35 8n Note: when book was written this was a private house and Led Zeppelin fans have nicked the gates as they had Headley Grange written on them Jimmy's Boat House at Pangbourne: Formed the bands early HQ up to 1975 Location: 4 Shooters Lane, Pangbourne post code RG8 7DU. Best viewed from the opposite side of the Thames - short walk from the village of Pangbourne (follow the Led Zep pilgrims!) Clewer(Windsor) Old Mill House: former home of Jimmy Page (sold in 2004) where John Bonham died in 1980 Location: at the end of Mill Lane, Clewer Village (Taking the A332 through Windsor take the A308 Maidenhead Road then right into Clewer) Other places in England: John Bonham's grave:to be found at St Michael Churchyard, Rushock, Worcestershire, England Location: Village North of Droitwich. (Take the M5 Motorway) Note: the grave is in a public cemetary and the grave stone is normally surrounded by drums sticks Plumpton Place (Kent): Jimmy's home from 1971 - 1980 - as seen in the film the Songs Remain the Same when he was playing a hurdy gurdy next to the property Location: East of the church and Plimpton college. Post code BN7 3AF Wales Bron-Yr-Aur(apparently correct spelling not Bron-Y-Aur): Cottage where many songs from III were penned plus others Location: leave the market town of Machynlleth heading north, turning left onto the A493 and then almost immediately right up a lane that climbs towards Bron-Yr-Aur post code SY20 8QA Northern Ireland Giants Causeway: Portballintrae, Northern Ireland. Used by Hipgnosis to create the Houses of the Holy cover Location: less than 4 miles by road north-east of Portballintrae in County Antrim on the B147 at 44a Causeway Road. Post code BT57 8SU Note: the castle featured on the inner sleeve is Dunluce Castle which is not far away between Portballintrae and Portrush.
  4. Awesome solo - played effortlessly Not seen the song played like that before as there is normally a capo on the 7th fret on the 12 string - hence the need for a twin neck to do the solo. Presume he rewrote the whole thing so it could be played without a capo.
  5. Cheers mstork sounds like the DVD could be worth getting. My wife will end up recording over it anyway so I will probabl have to! Didn't know about the agreement. If that's the case it certaintly doesn't show the other 2 in a good light. You got the general impression that Frey in particular had issues with Felder probably going back to the incident at the benefit gig. Personally I thought Felder was the best guitarist the Eagles had - his solo playing took them to another level.
  6. Does he have a good bitch or has he got over it (no pun intended)?
  7. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp with Gallows Pole a close second. The guitar playing on Bron-Y-Aur Stomp is just absolutely brilliant and it's one of my life ambitions to be able to play it! Not sure why "Hats off.." was included on the album as they had other better material at that time. For me one of Led Zeppelin's worst tracks on an otherwise great album.
  8. When Roger Waters departed Floyd and they recorded "A Momemtory Lapse..." the court case came about because Waters felt that Guilmour was using the band's name for what was essentially a solo project (despite Mason and Wright having minor roles on the album). Should Guilmour have been allowed to use the name? The courts judged that he could. Likewise 10cc are touring the UK at the moment with only the one original member (Graham Gouldman). I think if they are clear about this when selling tickets I don't have a problem but often they're not. I have no problem with Tribute bands - for me they help keep a band's music alive. Most of the ones I've seen are extremely well rehearsed and perform well - I just don't like them when they're wearing blonde wings to look like Robert Plant!
  9. I've always loved the Eagles. I hate country music but this band actually got me to appreciate some country - something I never thought possible! For voacl harmonies they are up there with Queen and the Beach boys. I saw the 2 part documentary (and am now wondering if the dvd is worth buying or if the material is identical?). I think one of the things that comes across with Frey and Henley was that they felt that they (as the songwriters) should have most of the artistic control of the band. Felder clearly wanted equal say and equal share but most bands are either run on a democracy or they have a couple of key leaders - as they said on the program bands are not communes. Having said that the story of Felder being taken out to dinner whilst Henley recorded the vocals to "Victim of Love" seemed a bit underhand. When they reformed again Felder wanted an equal share of the cash where Frey clearly felt as song writers they should have the larger cut - I can understand his frustration on that because at that point the reunion was to tour not to record. The golden question is are all band members equal in any band if they don't write the majority of the material?
  10. Led Zeppelin favourite with top 5 artists ... 1. Led Zeppelin 2. Genesis (up to Duke album) 3. Pink Floyd (post Syd Barrett) 4. Peter Gabriel 5. Yes Interesting that a lot of people on here have named Hendrix - I love his guitar work but could never get into his voice (same with Dylan). Beatles would be in top 10 but lost a bit of respect for them when they stopped touring (although I understand why)
  11. Why do you say this is Spam JTM? Have you had a look at guitarshed's web site? I've downloaded some of the guitar pro files off here - you've done a good job guitarshed this is a useful resource. Would like to see some of the accoustic classics on here: Going to California, Bron Y Aur Stomp Thanks for posting
  12. I'm really impressed and jealous at some of the stuff posted here. My collection is pretty insignificant: All the albums on vinyl (very scratched and well worn) Songs Remains the Same (VHS and 2 versions on DVD) The Led Zeppelin DVD Many books and tab songbooks for guitar I also have the 10(?) cd box set (horrible grey one). I got this signed by Robert Plant during half time at a Wolverhampton wanderers football (soccer) game. I didn't tell him I was supporting the opposing team!
  13. She was probably a West Bromwich Albion fan :-)
  14. I used to love Rush up until the Moving Pictures album but from that point they seemed to be employing more and more keyboards and lost their rock edge. I believe some of the recent albums have seen them returning to their roots - they were heavily influenced by Zeppelin (particularly when they started out). I love Bonzo and Peart as drummers although their styles were completely different. Peart used a massive kit and also percussion such as timbales, glockenspiels etc and his playing was technically very tight - his timing was near perfect. Bonzo used a smaller kit but he was a power house - his bass drum sound was monstrous and the overall effect was really impressive. I'm sure Bonzo would have known about Peart and I would be surprised if he didn't respect his technical ability - virtually every drummer I come across puts him in their top 10 drummers
  15. You can definitely hear the influence on their sound but I really like them (bought their album Head Down recently on a recommendation) - looking forward to catching them in the UK later this year. Singer has got a great voice and he doesn't sound the same on every track. Remember Kingdom Come? Some of their stuff was a blatant rip off and not well done either. Edit: sorry Honeydrip79 just noticed your comments on Kingdom Come. I agree 100%
  16. What is the story behind Four Sticks? Only recently when I saw a tribute band in the UK the drummer played with 2 sticks in each hand and finally understood the title. Was there a reason for using 4 sticks or was this just a gimmick?
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