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  1. Hi at all. I'm thinking and drawing for a tattoo that i've idea to make me. A part of this tatto I would like to a first par of the score of Stairway to heaven. On the web I found a lot of score, think all correct, but i search the original, played in Led Zeppeling IV. These are only some exolemple of score that i found on the web.. http://www.di-arezzo.co.uk/multimedia/images/imp/part/imp20311.jpg http://www.di-arezzo.it/multimedia/images/wise/part/am998701.jpg http://www.musicnotes.com/images/productimages/mtd/MN0016811.gif Some one can help me? thanks
  2. Yes, but is normal that the listener's mind connect the song at external influence... Listening this song always on youtube, I m sure that many person connect this song at the image that i posted.. But listening the song in the complet album is also posible that the cover image and the eremith, becomes "the image"!
  3. But the first image is a Russian version? Or not? So..the autentic image asociated to the band at this song is only this http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/500/78946605/Led+Zeppelin+IV++PNG.png
  4. Hi, Stairway to heaven is a song contained in an album but, never was a solo album: for this, never had a cover image. But alway is conected to this image http://songsforacousticguitar.com/wp-content/uploads/StairwayToHeaven-D-4d2.jpg Are there some conection this image whit Led Zeppelin or is only a creation made from some artist?
  5. marc88


    Hi, my names is Marco and I'm a italian guy of 25. I hope to learn more about the LZ history,,
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